Marius… And Hypocrites

Copenhagen Zoo slaughtered a two year old giraffe today, by the name of Marius. It has already made it all over the world, everybody shaming Denmark for our cruelty.

I have got one word for – most – of you. Hypocrites.

Let me ask you, what is the difference between Marius and the claves you eat? That he was humanely euthanized? That he had a fairly good life while he lived? Most certainly better than most cows, pigs and chickens, that is for sure. He even got to be MUCH older than anything you put on your dinner table every day, and let’s be reasonable, he wasn’t hung upside down, plucked of his feathers, electrocuted and sprayed with boiling water, like the chickens you eat…

So no, anyone eating meat, have really no right to freak out over a giraffe being shot and fed to the lions. Unlike humans, lions can’t live on vegetables, so why not let them have him? Why is it so much more horrible that he was killed, than the bacon on your plates?

I repeat, hypocrites.

That said, I don’t eat meat and yes, I do find it horrible that Marius was killed, simply because no one wanted him. I find it unacceptable that a Zoo, any Zoo would breed animals they can’t keep. I don’t care that he was coming of age and the older giraffe stallion would beat him up. I don’t care that no Zoo could take him for breeding because apparently all giraffes are related around here… When you own an animal, you fix it, and killing it once it becomes a bother can never be the solution.

I know that with horses you geld them, so they won’t fight, and if you must have a stallion, you keep him away from the geldings if he is aggressive towards them… if the Zoo doesn’t have the option to replace their colts once they grow up, they shouldn’t be breeding at all.

Yes, shining my halo here, I know. I am not a vegetarian because it’s cool or because of any religious conviction.  I don’t think of myself as a vegetarian or a vegan or whatever label you need to put on me, but the thought of having another animal die on my behalf is simply appalling to me. I stopped eating meat when I was a child, much to my mothers and the schools dismay. It was never in my nature to accept that some lives were worth less than others. So yes, I get why it is horrible to the world that Marius is dead. It is just killing me how hypocritical the human race is. Imagine if the media caused so much drama over a killed pig… That would never happen.


What am I missing? Is it just because Marius was cute and fussy and had huge brown eyes? Does that make it that much less acceptable to kill him, than your average chicken?



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6 Responses to Marius… And Hypocrites

  1. LHK says:

    I actually think it was Odense zoo he lived in, but otherwise, yes….
    Now I dont mind they killed him, he had a nice life, and he ended the way nature intended, as food for lions… Thats how nature works… 😉
    But now I eat meat too, I dont see the human spies as purely wegan… The spies we decend from are not either…
    That said I will allways respect your choice, I even understand it. And I do demand that the animals I eat have a nice life while being here, thats the absolute least we can do, if we have to eat them…! 😉

    • Starstone says:

      Yeah, I thought so too 😛 But everyone online is saying it’s Copenhagen Zoo, so I figured I wouldn’t confuse everybody by adding Odense, because well, let’s face it, most people can’t even place Denmark on a map…
      And it’s not a choice for me, never was. And I don’t care what we decend from, we are allowed to evolve 😛
      And you can be sure those chickens you eat have been subjected to torture of the worst kind since the day they were born…. Sorry…

      • LHK says:

        Right, world, get the facts straight… 😉
        Oh I know it wasnt a choice for you, it kind of is for me though, not quite ready to evolve here yet… My body just dont agree, it needs protein… 😉 oh, but I only buy freerange, I have seen how they live, and that seems like quilte a nice life to me… Im not a fan though of the way they keep pigs, so I dont eat that wery often, mostely when we can get some from a friend of ours, they live fine… 😉 and then we quite often eat free living ducks and they were, well wild and lived in the wild, dosnt get more natural than that… 😉
        But then again im not a hypocrite… I find it quite natural the way of life, and I dont freek out over a giraff, that fufills it purpuse in life… Takings its placeret in the foodchain and stuff… 😉
        So we quite agree there, I dont get this kind of people either… You eat me too guys, get over yourselfs… 😉

      • Starstone says:

        hehe my point exactly… the old story about living in glass houses and throwing rocks and stuff…. 😉

  2. Jenny says:

    I’m so with you on this issue. The thing that bothers me is that the giraffe seems to have been euthanized and slaughtered in front of children/audience? Not sure that something is actually wrong with that, but it bothers me somehow…

    • Starstone says:

      They didn’t see him die. They saw him dead, as vet students were allowed to examine him. As far as the vet students doing that, I think that is a good idea, why not learn something, now that he is dead?
      As far as the Zoo allowing an audience, again, why not? If people are interested and want to learn, that can never be harmfull, can it?
      Bringing children must be the parents choice all the way, you can’t blame the Zoo for that…

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