Happy Birthday Life!

It’s been a year ago today since Life came clawing her way into our lives. Since we don’t know when she was born, only that she was very young when we found her starved and frozen and unable to walk, in our driveway, today is officially her birthday. The day her new life began. The day she cried for her life and happened to be heard.

life 3

Since we took her in, she has become such a huge part of our lives, it is hard to imagine what we ever did with our time before her. I know that most cats kind of take care of themselves, and once in a while they may grace you with their presence or even allow you to pet them for a brief while, before they bite your hand off and leave in a huff.

demo 022

Not Life. She never tire of human company, especially not Aston’s, since he sat with her, working at home, the first 14 days of her life with us, when she couldn’t even raise her head. She has slept on his pillow for a year now, waking up a few times every night, licking his face all over, much to his dismay. She has sat on him faithfully every second he has been home, any movie he has had to edit, she has supervised, any TV show he has watched, she has watched with him…


The other cats we have, I don’t feel sorry for if I am away most of the day. They don’t care. Life cares. She is the kind of cat you go home to once you have been to the stable. I have a friend who lives nearby my stable and I do end up with her a lot, but I always make sure Aston is home and taking care of Life, if I do go there, because I don’t want her to be alone for too long, preferably not at all. She is just so sad and lonely and miserable and she despises the other cats…

Chad, our young trouble maker has been trying to win her over since she came, but she hisses at him and spits fire. Once she learned to walk, she has been attacking him as well, if he got to close. He never quite gave up though, and his persistence is slowly paying off.


One night, about a week ago, Life didn’t sleep on Aston’s pillow, and here is what I found when I woke up in the morning, wondering where she was.


On the Dark Mare Picture’s drawing pad. With Chad.

This is the closest she has ever been to one of the other cats. (He is neutralized by the way, not to worry, no kittens…) If you look at the smug look on Chad’s face, you will know I am right. He so got her to himself for the first time ever. She chose another cat over Aston.


I am very happy about that. I have been worrying quite a bit over how dependant of humans she was and how she should be playing and socializing. She is so young and her hind legs are still a little uncoordinated once in a while. She should not just lie on Aston all day.


And I would love for her to have a cat friend. I am very happy that Chad has not given up on her. Even more so, that she seem to be softening up around him, if ever so slowly.

So yes, happy birthday Life. You are the best little kitten there is, and I can’t imagine my life without you anymore, even if I do find you a bit bothersome when I try to write on my books and you want to sit on my shoulder, but looking past your clinginess, which is perfectly understandable, and a bit adorable, you are the perfect cat. Thank you for choosing my driveway to die in.

tardis 001


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