Yes, my scooter has been down. It totally died a few days ago and I have had to use my bike again. Horrible. It is now official, I am allergic to biking. I am telling you, my ass is so bruised from the saddle, I won’t be able to ride any of the horses for weeks… Not to mention the red hot iron burning its way through my knees…. Or at least it feels that way.

Now, I had the scooter at the mechanics yesterday. Took all day, really. The guy at the shop said I couldn’t be there and watch what he did, clearly I wasn’t supposed to learn how to fix my own scooter, and he claimed that it was a safety and insurance issue, disallowing people at his work place. That’s hard to argue with, so I tried to waste time while waiting by going through the nearby shopping mall.

Thing is, once you hand in your scooter, you are stuck. No way home. Not even a bus. Hurray for the public transport in Denmark… So basically I spent all day yesterday, looking at stuff I either had no interest in buying or couldn’t afford to buy, waiting for the mechanic to call me and let me know if it would be possible to fix the darn thing.

Do I need to start bothering my friends for a ride home or am I good? Do I have to get back on my bike to feed the horses tonight and in that case, can I please have a pillow for my poor backside?

He had said he would call. He didn’t. So I went back, patiently sitting in front of his shop, reading a book, innocently not being in the way, just keeping an eye on my scooter through the window….

He came out and asked me if I wanted it back, because he had fixed it but he couldn’t give me a receipt because their system was down. Now do I look like I care? I really don’t, just hand it over and let me get back to my horses please… Oh does it run now, by the way?

He promised it would. So far it has. Time will tell.

I got a book from my American friend, Wheeler yesterday. A fantasy book.  (He appears to have got my number.) The Magician of Hoad. I brought that one and read in it while waiting, which I must say, is much more fun than going shopping. I always was a strange person, I know.

But thanks Wheeler, you quite possibly saved me from dying of boredom while waiting for three hours yesterday… (Did I say all day? It felt like it…)

I am going to the stable now, to wait for my vet, since Ablaze has got a cough, and so, I guess I’ll bring that book again, and wait some more. The good thing about my stable is that there are no people. Just me and my horses… and a fantasy book. Even if it is cold, I can so make that work.

Now, Ablaze isn’t really sick. He has been snotty for a while, and it has almost gone away, but he has developed a dry cough lately and I cannot accept that. Coughing is outlawed on my pasture. I want no allergies, pneumonia or anything of the like… So yes, I bothered my vet about it…

The sun is shining outside. I bet it’s freezing though. Still, it could be worse. It could be rain. For once, it isn’t. One must count her blessings.


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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