The sun was shining today. I almost forgot what it felt like, with all the rain we have had… Anyway, it was a very nice day. Tardis decided to sleep in the hay, enjoying the warmth. Yeah, Ablaze doesn’t have it from strangers, that whole thing about lying down to eat…

tardis sleeping

Ablaze and Apocalipse found a new game today, called steal the groom… here they are, biting the same groom… adorable, right?

apocalipse and ablaze

Saleem and Tardis were on the road today, in the beautiful sunlight… Tardis is dying to leave home these days, no doubt because she is bored out of her mind, with taking care of the foal all the time… She is just so amazingly cool. One of these days I’ll make Aston ride Saleem and I’ll try and ride Tardis… She is not that broken in yet, but somehow I really think she is more than ready for it. I have truly never had a horse like her before.

saleem and tardis

She has got Saleem’s open mind, and his calm and easy going nature. Whoever said that Arabians were hysterical and crazy horses couldn’t be more wrong. I keep getting surprised by how amazingly easy they are to work with in every possible way.

So, a nice day for once. Could it be that spring would come early this year? Fingers crossed.


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