Perfect Waste Of Life… Try It

Okay I was wasting time yesterday. I’ll admit it. There are a lot of stupid tests online you can take. Like which Harry Potter house do you belong in- Slytherin duh- and what Disney character are you, stuff like that… As far as the Harry Potter sorting hat quizzes they are way too easy to see right through. I never end up anywhere but Slytherin, mostly because that is where I want to go. I guess that is a way of sorting too, right?

Some of the quizzes are pretty funny though. Like the avengers quiz, where I honestly didn’t try to be anybody by how I answered it, (admittedly I was a little terrified that I would end up as Captain America, that would kind of ruin my reputation,) and I still ended up as Loki. How does it happen? How do I always end up as the bad guy? Even when I am not trying… I am pretty sure I even picked All you need is Love by the Beatles as my favorite song. How is that evil? Oh well… Let’s be honest, I am not an avenger, so I guess it did have my number, that quiz.


Still, the best quiz I came across was this one, which David Bowie are you?

You have got to be kidding me right? I have no idea. I am not that much into Bowie, to be honest. I may have been aiming for ending up somewhere near his Ziggy Stardust, gay alien thing… As did my boyfriend, to be honest. Yes, I had him play along. He is currently writing an assignment for class and is pretty much dying to do something else so, easy prey.

However, none of us got to be Ziggy. Oh, no that quiz did have us figured. Aston became the Thin White Duke, and even if I don’t think he is that cool or that heartless, he does tend to describe himself that way, which I guess it pretty impressive for a stupid online test. I bet you he could have been Ziggy if he had not refused to wear spandex… I mean, come on. Now I will have to spend the rest of our lives trying to make him wear one at some point, just because…


As for me, I have to admit, the quiz found the perfect answer as well. The goblin king. I am still laughing about that. Anyone seen the Labyrinth?

goblin king

Even if you haven’t, this is so me… Every last bit of it… And I even promised that I would wear the spandex as long as it was covered in glitter… (that may have been a lie, but what the hell… Maybe not. The goblin king never tells…)

And then I came across a Doors test. It kind of states at the beginning that you are mostly a true Doors fan if you get The End, as your lyric in the end…

Being a true Doors fanatic, I figured, right, I’ll show them… I am so going to get The End… But I didn’t. I ended up with When the Music’s Over, which ironically enough, have always been my song, much more than The End. I was almost able to live with that, I really was. At least I failed at being a true Doors fan because I was one of the few nihilistic Doors fans…

And then my boyfriend ran through it and got The End. Bloody little…

Way to kill my self esteem… I had managed to be Scar, (Lion King), Voldemort, (Harry Potter), Loki, (Avengers,) Smaug, (the hobbit), and even Q from Star Trek even though I have no idea who he is… I haven’t watched Next Generation… But I am told, he is not exactly a good guy… I am going to my Slytherin dormitory now to sulk, and ponder how I am not a true Doors fan…

So, anybody dare find out something new about themselves? Give it a go… As perfectly as it is a waste of time and your life, it is still pretty funny once in a while. Mostly because, I guess, it allows me to have my imaginary character confirmed. I am totally the Goblin King. At least, that is how I see myself, most of the time.

But I am so a Doors fan too… stupid test… sob.


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2 Responses to Perfect Waste Of Life… Try It

  1. Gotta love waisting a little time..;-)

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