A quick little video of Marble and Ablaze. I apologize for the lousy quality, it would seem that I don’t have a very smart phone, unless you count, counting the pixels…

Anyway, my two superstars. Marble is two years old, turning three this April, and even if she has always been too violent for my other boys to dare play with her, she is an absolute star when it comes to Ablaze.

Ablaze is not a year old yet, he will be in May. And no, he is not sick. When you live in a gang of horses, you have to learn to stand on your rights and one of Ablaze’s issues is being allowed to sleep in the hay. Not straw of course, that won’t do. No, hay. Much to the dismay of the others… Only Apocalipse can get him up though, Saleem and Tardis do not even bother to try anymore, and well, Marble do not either.

Let’s face it, he does fight back quite well, without even getting up… Who would have thought that someone so small and so unimpressed could handle my dragon… (that’s Marble, by the way, my dragon. If my boys have found her violent, so have I…)

Marble is actually coming around now. She is playing with Ablaze, being almost careful with him, (she doesn’t kick him too much, not enough to send him running to his mother anyway,) she does not blow up in his face and when he attacks her, she responds in good natured playfulness.

I can feel that in the way she is around me as well. My dragon has found a kindred spirit, someone who dares play with her. She has really missed that. Apocalipse and Saleem always liked her, but they are too cowardly to ever want to test their strength against her temper… I shouldn’t say cowardly, they are too…. Sensitive… they do have very tender skin, I guess they may have a lower pain threshold than her.  They do respond to their yearly vaccinations by becoming sick every time as well, so yes, I guess that either they are just real men and thus a tiny bit hypochondriacs, or they actually do take to pain worse than Marble and Tardis. And apparently, Ablaze. Heart of a lion, that one.

And wait for it, I got the recharger for my camera back! (It’s been gone since last year, someone borrowed it and well, not doing that again…) But I guess you better brace yourselves, dear readers of my blog. I have my camera back, at long last!


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8 Responses to Playmates

  1. Oh my Ablaze is just so cool 🙂 Can’t wait for more pictures of the horses 🙂

  2. Haha.. Yeah well a week is better than the six months it’ll take him to sheed himself 😉 Hopefully it’ll be better soon, I’m grooming him like crazy…

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