New Troublemakers

I usually show action shots of Saleem and Apocalipse playing. Today though, my pasture has got a new gang of troublemakers. Ablaze and Marble seem about ready to take over as the show offs of my gang…


This has to be seen as a series… I am sorry for the many pictures…







I cannot begin to describe what it means to me to see Marble play like that. Even if she is letting the little bugger win, just having someone she can play with like that, is amazing for her. And she is so good with him.

Note the look on her face, as she runs along with him…


Now it might seem that he is a nuisance but she actually instigates their games as much as he does.


Tardis does tell them off once in a while, if she thinks they are being to wild… I am still holding my breath waiting for her to let Ablaze grow up and play along instead of being the mother…



They don’t listen to her all that much…



And then, once in a while, they both aim for the photographer…. If I am used to being able to stand pretty much underneath Saleem and Apocalipse when they play, knowing that they would never touch me, I am learning now, that these two has no such boundaries. In fact, Marble tells me, I could play along right?

Coming to get ya!


So yes, it would seem that my two little ones have found some very kindred spirits in each other.



I’ll stop now. For those of you who have not been following my blog until recently, Marble is two years old, and that is the dark mare. She is turning three this April. She has had a lot of growing up issues with her front legs in particular and seeing her run around like this, is truly a weight off my shoulders in so many ways.

Ablaze is nine months old, and Tardis’ son.


Saleem is not looking too bad at the moment, actually. His winter fur hasn’t been totally miserable this year, maybe we are finally getting a grip on those tapeworms… One may hope, right?


Apocalipse is Saleem’s son, but I must say, he looks more and more like his mother every day.


My late Lady Amalia.


I love having young horses, I love watching them grow up. I cannot believe that Apocalipse is turning four this year. It seems like only yesterday that he was the little foal in my posts…


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