The Past And The Future

The headlights of the car lit up the dark road. It had been a long day. The steady driver kept her eyes on the road, focused on returning home as soon as possible. The sole car in front of her kept the speed limit perfectly, never speeding up or slowing down.

For the passenger it seemed like they were slowly gliding through time. The darkness all around, the surreal light of the car, the tail lights of the car in front, the effortless moving steadily forward… The silence. Despite the sound of the engine, everything seemed impossibly silent. Even the radio appeared to have given up on entertaining those still on the road at this hour.

The girl and the fiery red horse were cantering along the road side, oblivious to the cars on the road. The shadow of the trees engulfed them from time to time, made them canter in and out of the cars headlights. No sound came from the hooves hitting the soft road side. The rider didn’t look up once, to her, nothing else existed, only that flaming red horse of hers. Anything could have driven by on the road, behind those trees, and she would have never noticed.

The horse was steady, carrying himself perfectly, his canter was wide and controlled, even if the girl clearly let him run at a lose rein. This was not a race horse. This was a strong, hardworking dressage horse, unable to not be balanced, for even a moment.

Even for a strange, unreal moment, a ghost of times past, this horse was perfect.

The passenger had to look at the driver in the dark, wondering how she never saw the horse in the road side. How she could not. How only the passenger would always see this horse and this girl, running down this particular road, a vivid memory of a time gone by too fast.  A small hole in time and space, where this horse would keep cantering through whenever the passenger came by, reminding her of some of their happiest moments together.

As the car turned off, leaving the red horse and the rider behind, driving on into the dark, the passenger wondered what lay ahead. Anything could be out there, in the dark, a little ahead of them, just out of range of the headlights.

On the shadowy roadside, the red horse came to a halt, staring off into the distance, making his rider look around in wonder, not seeing what he saw.

The past and the future, overlapping, in one of those moments in time that is never supposed to happen. The past and the future, leaving out the present for a while.


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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