Presenting Tardis and Ablaze, mother and son, sleeping in the beautiful sunlight.


Marble joining in. Tardis doesn’t like that, but what’s a girl to do… She has her back to Tardis so she can’t see her snarling…


Yep, spring sure has come to Denmark. We even closed off the two little pastures and had them re-sown and fertilized and everything…  I never thought I’d say this, but we could use a tiny bit of rain about now… not much, not fourteen days in a row or anything, just… a tiny little bit to kick start the grass…


I know, I have been bitching and moaning about the rain for six months now and it’s finally drying up and here I am, an ungrateful little git…

And the sun is wonderful. Still, wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could have actual grass on my pasture in a month from now? I know my horses would love that… as good as my hay is, they do think that this time of year, it is better suited for sleeping in, than for eating… spoiled little bastards…


Actually, it is really hot these days. Since the horses are still in their winter fur, that is a bit of a problem. They are shedding it like crazy, except for Saleem, but it is nowhere near fast enough to handle the increase in temperature. And it is still freezing at nights. Got to love Denmark. So really, what grass I do have at the moment is darn near lethal to any horse, because of the warm days and the cold nights… Maybe I shouldn’t be sowing anything…

And should I worry that Saleem is not shedding his fur at all yet? I have to admit, I have wondered about him before, my vet too… maybe I should have some blood work done on him after all… or maybe I should give him another week to get going, before I panic and throw one of my usual tantrums… I’m sure he is fine… almost…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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5 Responses to Spring!

  1. sammerson says:

    Both of my horses seem to take FOREVER to shed out. I’ve had them tested and everything has come back fine so far…so maybe he’s just a slow shedder too! I don’t know about yours but Cheyenne gets obnoxiously furry…and it really doesn’t get that cold here…so I guess that’s why she’s that way…I dunno lol

    • Starstone says:

      haha all of mine looks like polar bears 😉 I’ve been having a hard time convincing people that they are Arabians, because you do know that Arabians do not look like that !
      but Saleem is the only red one, think the color makes him slower…? I really don’t know, I wouldn’t have thought of it if it had been all of them… but just one, I don’t like that 😉

    • Starstone says:

      By the way, I have been asked to participate in a blog tour. It is a pretty simple one that asks you to answer 4 questions and recommend three bloggers. Would you be interested in being one of my three?
      If not, please send me a quick no so I can ask somebody else. I couldn’t find your email adress anywhere so I am asking you here 😉

      • sammerson says:

        yeah that’s fine….I don’t mind at all, sounds like fun!

        But yeah…it might have something to do with color, Stetson is bay and he DOES shed out a little quicker than Cheyenne who is buckskin. I’ve honestly never thought about it being a color thing, I’ll have to do some asking around and see what my friends think

      • Starstone says:

        Awesome 🙂 I never thought of it either, I used to have the two old red ones and they were pretty much in sync… but it might… 😉
        Awesome 🙂
        Here is what I was given to pass along:

        Step one: Acknowledge the person and site that involved you in the blog tour (that’s me!)

        Step two: Answer the four questions below about your writing process:
        1) What am I working on?
        2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
        3) Why do I write what I do?
        4) How does your writing process work?

        Step Three:
        At the end of your blog post, say who is on next week (your own chosen three) – give a 1-2 line bio and link to their website. You’ll need to find three other writer mates to ask to do the same a week after you, and so on and so forth…

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