So Long And Goodnight

I’ve been sick for about a week now, pretty much since we went to the stallion performance testing in Herning… Add to that, we started shooting for a movie for Dark Mare Pictures, which meant that my friend and I, being camera and sound, spent an entire day by the beach, watching the actors mess up their parts…

Yep, it was cold. Nope, that didn’t make my fever go away… We did have fun playing with our “little” cameras though. Not that I am sure I am allowed to reveal anything about the movie just yet, but we were at the beach and it was pretty…




And it’s always funny to be at the same place with almost the same camera’s, taking pictures of each other…


Yeah when you are sick and tired, it doesn’t take much to amuse you, now does it?

IMG_2205 IMG_2209

Even your local psychopath (and I say that with affection,) lighting his cigar with a flame thrower… Just because every movie set must have one of those…


So all in all, so far, this month has been busy. I haven’t written a word on any of my books. I haven’t even updated my blog as much as I would like.

I have been training my horses of course. But between them and the movie and my friend’s horses and me being sick, my writing has taken a backseat lately. Actually, that is annoying. I got my horsemanship book back from editing, and as such all I need now is time and energy to go over it one last time and add pictures to it. I can’t wait for it to be published. I am rethinking the title though… so maybe it is a good thing that I don’t have the time just now. I want it to be perfect…

And I just got to become friends with a long time blog buddy on face book. Now that is awesome, going over her pictures, finally having a face on her horses and her kids and on her… I’ve kind of been jumping for joy over that all day…

Nope, it doesn’t take much to amuse me right now. I should go to bed and try to get better. I really should. But I just found out that one of the actors from our movie read Twilight… and liked them… I smell an easy victim… “Now, I know this series, you should reeeeealy read it, it’s called the Starstone…”

Okay I am off. It’s raining now! My grass is getting water…. Grow grass, grow… we can’t wait for summer to get here…

No, seriously, goodnight. Thanks for bearing with me.


It’s a serious movie, by the way, don’t be fooled by my tone in this post, for which I am no doubt getting slaughtered… I’m just so tired right now…


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6 Responses to So Long And Goodnight

  1. LHK says:

    Gosh, I just totally matched that day… Awsome stile… 😛
    No, really it was soo fun, please take me along another day… 😀

  2. jen says:

    First…jealous that you can go to the beach, even if it’s cold. Second…I’ve been jumping for joy too, but still haven’t had time to snoop around your page. 🙂

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