Pony Stallions

So, we went to a pony stallion show last weekend, armed with our cameras, of course. It’s always hard to take nice pictures inside, and since I’ve been living without Photoshop for quite a while now, I had to rely on my skills as a photographer. I won’t post too many pictures though, the space on my blog is limited, I may have to buy a new space upgrade soon… Anyway, going to this show taught me two things.

One, I don’t want a stallion. I mean, I always kind of knew that, but since Ablaze was born, and being so absolutely perfect in every possible way, I must admit, I have been spending a year now, twisting and turning, trying to convince myself that I can justify keeping a stallion… he is just so perfect, how can I geld that?
Looking at these pony stallions, I know how.



Even if I don’t isolate him and let him have playmates on the pasture, it will be a stressful life, always alert, always ready for a fight or looking for a “ready” mare. Looking at these stallions, I knew in my heart, that this is not the kind of life I want for him, no matter how perfect he is, how brilliant a pedigree he has and how wonderful foals he could make. I would like him to be happier than this.
It’s just not in me to have a horse that high strung, if I can help it. I feel sorry for it, instantly. And I knew the Danish Warmblood stallions were over the top at all times, always getting injured, always kept isolated… I knew I didn’t want my stallion to live like that… but seeing these ponies, who were treated much better for the most part, still be ready to explode at the sight of another horse, any other horse, even the elder ones…
No, I don’t want that for Ablaze. I really don’t. So I guess I will be calling my vet this spring, during one of my well known panic attacks, and have him gelded… I HATE that. I could have sworn, when Apocalipse was gelded, that he was my last stallion. Ever, ever, ever. I have done it four times already, I really don’t want to do it again. Why did Ablaze have to be a boy?
As most of you may know, it is basically about trust. About handing over my horse to my vet and hoping she won’t kill him… I am absolutely rubbish at that, so I will be panicking from now on and until it’s over, but yes, seeing these pony stallions did make up my mind. This is not how I want his life to be. They are beautiful though…



And the second thing I learned from going to the show is pretty simple.



I want a pony! I mean, eeeeeep! Look at them! Small and pointless and adorable, how can I not want that? My boyfriend keeps asking me if I wouldn’t want a horse I can ride, if I MUST go buy another horse, he clearly doesn’t get the whole idea of a pony. It’s a foal that never grows up! Buy a mare and you won’t have to have it gelded…. And it keeps being small and adorable and hot tempered, depending on of course how much you train it…
And it will only grow fat and develop laminitis on my pasture, because of the amount of hay and grass the others have every day, and it will be my guilty conscience at all times, because I know, if I don’t have time to train all of them every day, I will chose to train the ones I can ride…
So no I am not getting a pony. I am not. But someday, somehow, in another life, I so want a pony…



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5 Responses to Pony Stallions

  1. sammerson says:

    Haha..ponies are pretty cute, it’s very tempting. We have a mini where I keep my kids and that sucker is one MEAN little snot! lol He puts the big horses in place with no issues…it’s pretty funny to watch.

    We also have a mini donkey, which is my “wish” And this is a ridiculously cute donkey! I would be all in on buying one for myself…if that didn’t make that horrible, wretched sound!!! But I guess it wouldn’t matter as long as they weren’t in my back yard! so…hmmmmm…..

    • Starstone says:

      haha oh a mini donkey… that is adorable 🙂 Only I am way to paranoid with worms to have my horses anywhere near donkeys… 😛 But a pony…. *sob* me want…

  2. Brandon Valo Lee will be for sale, he is to big. She should have let me keep him and his mother….

    • Starstone says:

      aw but… he is anothert stallion isn’t he? One more I’ll have to have gelded… and he is older than Ablaze so I can’t even bring him home to my girls untill he is “snipped” … I mean… aw… how big is he?

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