Two Dates, Four Horses

First, I will have to remember March the 31th 2011, the day my dearly beloved Legacy was euthanized.


I can’t believe it’s already three years ago… I am not entirely done kicking and screaming at the world on his behalf just yet, (naming my foal “Ablazing Legacy,” amongst other things,) and I will never forget this kind and gentle spirit that never had a chance.

Now, March 31th can’t keep on being a sad day though, since last year, 2013, my friend LHK had her beautiful foal on this date, so very happy birthday Rosenheim! One year old, now that is a big day!

rosenheim one year

And moving on to April first, my beautiful Tardis is turning five years old today! Happy birthday my sweet girl!


I always had an “Aprils-fool” in my life, and I swear I didn’t know Tardis was one, until I had bought her, and I got her papers, which had me in tears instantly. It’s some big shoes to fill, being my new April’s fool, but Tardis has proven to be up for the task, with her strong spirits, her gentle nature and her ever explosive temper.


A wonderful, complex mare. I can’t believe she is five already. It seems like only yesterday, we picked her up, three years old and pregnant…

Lastly, Happy birthday Amalia.

amalia speed

The original April’s fool, the Pink Lady, the one against whom we measure ourselves daily. We miss you girlfriend. Always.

amalia 1

She would have been 20 today.

This is not a sad post, really. I don’t want Tardis to live forever in the shadow of my legendary mare, and I don’t want Rosie’s birthday to be forever darkened by the fact that two years before he was born, Legacy died.

I will reserve the right to remember the two of them though, but I will do so with a smile, while I go to the stable in the morning, and celebrate Tardis. (And Rosie, since he is “mine” for the next three days, while his “mom” is at work…)

Yes, I reserve the right to remember. And to sit up at two am and post pictures of those lost and those living, and maybe even feel a little horrible knowing that Amalia won’t be at the stable waiting for her birthday soda and cake… (yeah, she was special that way…) At the same time, I am not about to find out if my new April’s fool eats cake. That tradition was Amalia’s. Tardis and I will find our own way.



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2 Responses to Two Dates, Four Horses

  1. jen says:

    LOVE that last picture…so beautiful.

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