Ha, take that, all you chiropractors who have told me I’d end up in a wheel chair one day…! First off, never going to happen, second, if my back should set out for good one day, I now have hope… this is so how I want to end up!


I am sorry, I’ve been offline a lot lately, while editing my latest book, preparing it for release, and I must admit, it has been hard. This is the book on my horses, how I trained them, how they trained me and… well, I’ve been adding pictures, nearly killing Word, and most of all, missing my old team mates horribly. Looking through all their pictures, finding most of the time that I don’t have exactly the one picture I want, but I have a lot of others, making me have to go over every album on my hard drive a thousand times, looking at those loved ones over and over again…

So yeah, I’m in a bit of a strange mood… And that picture just made me smile, so I had to post it. I hope it might make someone else smile as well.

Someday, in the future, I will get a pony….


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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