One of the great things about having this blog is that is it so easy to look things up on it. As I am going over my book on my horses, adding pictures of my training and such, I find myself getting lost, time and time again, in the space on my hard drive and the hundreds of folders with pictures of my horses, most of them only labeled by some stupid name or a date. Note to self, once you start taking pictures of your horses and you begin filling up a hard drive with about 40.000 pictures, you frickin’ name them with what is in the folders as you add them…

I didn’t. Clearly, I am an idiot. But then, I have this blog. So, if I am missing a picture of Tardis in a lunge for instance, I search for it here, and ta da da! It shows up with a date on it, so I know where to look on my hard drive. Needless to say, it is taking a long time and driving me a little crazy, but I am getting there. Almost done.

Only, I need to take a few new pictures, I find that even though I have tried to take pictures of everything since we got the camera in 2010, I am still missing a few shots that are rather crucial in my book. Luckily I can go get them… Once it stops raining…

And I am back on the title. What should a book like this be called? I have been calling it My Heart, My Soul, My Star, My Endless Night, all the time I have been working on it, but I have to agree with my boyfriend, it is a long and clumsy name. So what then, if not this?

my heart

A book about Poseidon, Apollon, Amalia, all of my horses, all of their special personalities, problems, and talents… A book on how I trained them, how they drove me crazy when I couldn’t figure out how to train them, how we grew up together… what training methods worked for us and what didn’t fly at all…

A book, first and foremost about Poseidon, who always was my heart, my soul, my star and my endless night. Still…

Poseidon, the horse that didn’t like humans

Is that a bad title? He was that horse as well, the one only I could touch, for all of his life.

The thing about titles is, they must be catchy, they must make people pause, they must, along with the cover, make people pick up the book. And they can’t be taken. I would be stupid to call it simply “Poseidon” for instance, since it is the name of a Greek God and well… Try looking that up online… It won’t be my book that shows up on Google… And I want it to be. If ever anyone would be interested in this book, I would want them to be able to find it…

So, what to call it… Ideas? Anyone? What kind of title on a horse book would make you give it a second glance?

Keeping in mind that I am not selling “Natural Horsemanship,” dressage, or any other kind of religion. I am simply trying to pass on what my horses have taught me over the years, with Poseidon as the keystone and the driving force behind everything I ever did.

I really don’t know what the title should be. This is new for me. I never had those kinds of problems with The Starstone Series…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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11 Responses to Title

  1. I love that title.. It just so beautiful.. Perhaps you could shorten it so it’s just My heart, my soul, my star.. or Poseidon, my heart my soul.. I would buy that book 🙂 uh uh How to train your dragon 🙂 hehe..

    • Starstone says:

      Lol how to train your dragon… Yeah, I’ll let you know, once I figure out how to train her 😛 But she isn’t that much in this book… Poseidon was a bit more like… I don’t know… a hydra… heads everywhere, but mostly snapping air 😉 No fire…
      I am just not sure its a describing title, I mean all of my horses are in the book, and as I am editing my way through the training part and adding pictures and explanations… this book is not just a story about Poseidon and me…
      I kind of want it to be about not breaking your horse, about having it live a long and happy life, about riding it without hurting it… what kind of title should that be? 😉

      • Ahh.. A hydra fair enough hehe.. yeah, okay so it should be a title not only about Poseidon.. well what about: A life with horses..Living among horses.. Surviving the world of horses.. Through the eyes of the horse.. well, I don’t know it’s really difficult.. 😦

      • Starstone says:

        mmm yeah, I don’t know… all good ideas, I just… Living amongst horses might sound like I was camping with wild horses or something… it might give the wrong idea of the book…
        surviving the world of horses is pretty good 😛 Do you think people will get that? It is pretty much that way I think I want to go…

      • Starstone says:

        surviving the equestrian world … thats pretty good, actually… and it goes mostly for the horses, but for the rider as well.. hmm…

      • Haha.. oh of course one might think that 🙂 surviving the equestrian world, yeah that’s pretty good 🙂

      • Starstone says:

        yeah… I was thinking of using another cover photo as well… I’ve got a few ideas, now that I am kind of letting go of Poseidon on the cover… I am just not sure that is entirely fair to the book 😉

  2. Owanna says:

    It might be too corny to use, but how about ” My Poseidon Adventure – a journey into the mind of the horse”
    Like the movie there were high points, low points and even humour.

    • Starstone says:

      hehe but again… I really don’t want people to think that my book is in anyway connected to the movie 😉 It is reallt hard to use Poseidon’s name without people drawing that connection these days 😉
      I don’t know, It’s not easy 😉

  3. jen says:

    I do like the current title, but it doesn’t necessarily convey what the book will be about (granted, with a picture of a horse on the cover, it should be easy to figure out that it’s about horses). How about something like One of a Kind: The Life and Training of My Unique Horses. That’s still really long though…

    • Starstone says:

      I think that ends up being the problem at all times… 😉 It somehow gets too long 😉 One of a kind is pretty good though, as long as people don’t think I am talking about myself…. 😉

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