Iron Champion Steamroller – A Warmachine & Hordes Tournament

Okay I truly need more time… Or more time to myself at the moment…. I am even missing my blog updates at the moment. For shame.

Now, let’s go with something that doesn’t have anything to do with horses at all… It does involve my other passion, Fantasy, to some extent, so here we go.


Now, my boyfriend used to own a commix and game store, once upon a time. Bought it when he was 18 and ran it for about ten years as far as I remember. So, the one geek to break the rule that geeks do not have girlfriends… or maybe he just found an even bigger geek in me, who knows…

Anyway, Dragon’s Lair held a Steamroller tournament this weekend. For those ignorants who does not know any of this, that’s basically a board game, with loads of rules… it’s a battle game, and you win by defeating the opponent’s army… pretty simple, really.


Now, taking action pictures of a board game might be a bit of a challenge, but as I was pretty sure Aston would make it to the final- the game ran all day, so I wasn’t there from the beginning, I had to take care of the horses- my friend and I decided to show up. I was of course, armed with my camera.


First off, I love how great he is at painting these little things… granted, this one is a big thing, but still… the detail… I would have grown hysterical and thrown the bloody thing out of the window the first time my hand slipped… No wait, that’s to expensive to throw out the window… And I would have never got to the painting part, I would have messed up already when I was supposed to glue it together…


So, I must say, I love that he is this good at it, and that he never tires of it. The figure above was painted in about a week, before the tournament, and it is some of his more slobby work, if you ask him… Perfectionist? Well, aren’t we all about something…

So, the final game. As it happened, Aston got to go head to head with one of his friends, Jonathan, in the finals, as the only two who had won all their other games…

Note the evil laugh…


Now, I have never played this game, like I said before, I would never get past the gluing the things together stage, but I have played a lot of computer games with Aston, and there is just no winning. I know just how Jonathan feels.


My friend, LHK was watching, and at first it looked pretty good for Jonathan… she even asked me if he was actually winning?

Yeah, I have seen that before too… With Aston, you can be on top of the game, all the way through the game, and you never see him coming… I can’t help but be a little impressed by how strategic his mind is able to be… he really would have been a good army commander… I am glad he is sticking to his figures…


So, I have to admit, it was a lot of fun, watching them… I even almost understood most of the rules… That orange circle there, see? I am pretty sure that was a magical smoke screen…


I love that. Fantasy is awesome, in all shapes and forms. Even when it’s Sci-fi fantasy and you have your pretty little wolves beaten by a gang of robots with a crazy gunslinger in charge…

I really need more time… and money… I have to have a pink pony army one day and show up just to see how far you could get in a tournament like this one, simply by being a girl and distracting the opponents, just by being there… and being pink…

Right, I don’t fight fair. Sorry.

Jonathan did win second place, congratulations!


And Aston won… surprise! And congratulations!



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