Happy Birthday Marble Dane

Happy birthday Princess Marble!

Jumping 569

So, two years ago, I brought home this little thing…



And today she is turning three!


Wow, time has gone by so quickly, and to be honest, she has hardly been anything but trouble… Don’t get me wrong, she is a wonderful horse, but she has had so many problems with her legs already that I do find myself wondering if I am ever going to ride her, and especially if it would be wise to breed on her one day in the future…

But that may just be the pessimistic part of me speaking… it’s just that I have learned one thing in the world of horses. Never take the future for granted. Marble turning three today, it huge for us!

marble girl 1

And her locking stifles has not bothered her for almost a week now… fingers crossed… Of course it is raining today, which means that she may not be sleeping much, which usually leads to problems…

But no, staying positive here. It’s her birthday. Precious, precious little girl.

marble dane 11

By the way, I recently discovered that since Marble is a thoroughbred, she has to be registered for riding, if I want to show her, once she grows up… Imagine that….

This means, basically, that Apocalipse who has no pedigree at all, can compete, no questions asked, but my thoroughbred mare, born and raised in Denmark, with a pedigree dating back to the 17th century, she can’t. Why? She is a race horse.

Clearly the Danish Equestrian Federation don’t see too many race horses live to grow old enough to compete- that is four years old, by the way. They even told me so, when I called them and asked why Marble wasn’t showing up in their computer system.

That’s not the Equestrian Federation, by the way, that is the department for agriculture who has to register the horses, and then the Equestrian Federation draws their information from them. They told me that Marble has to be registered as a foreign horse, meaning that I might as well have imported her from England or anywhere else, because they had a formula for registering foreign horses, but not one for registering trotters and race horses… because, there just aren’t that many of them…

I guess that statement speaks for itself, sadly. Just not that many, live to turn four, so the department who registers them, doesn’t even bother to have a formula that allows you to register that it is still alive.

I am so glad Marble never saw a race track, and being told something like this, makes me even more determined to work through her problems, and bloody register her, just because… She didn’t die on the track. Apparently she is one of the very few of her kind.

marble dane 4

So hang in there Princess. If you will let me, I’ll make sure you live to grow very, very old.

But for now, let’s have a great summer, shall we?

marble dane 8


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