Linsmark Terminates Sponsor Agreement

Another sponsor has terminated their agreement with Helgstrand Dressage.

Thumbs up to Linsmark!


“Regarding sponsor agreement with Helgstrand Dressage A/S

Based on the report regarding the examination of the horse Akeem Foldager, prepared by veterinarian Per Busk, LINSMARK has chosen to terminate the sponsor agreement with Helgstrand Dressage A/S.

I can, of course not, ignore a justified critique from the Danish Equestrian Federation’s veterinarian.”

So, what does this mean? First Equsana, then Linsmark?

I have to admit, when Equsana terminated their agreement yesterday, I was jumping for joy, but mostly for selfish reasons. I want to be able to feed my horses Equsana, and since I saw their logo on Akeem’s saddle pad, I have not done that. Still, it was a brave move by Equsana, and one that should resonate through the equestrian world.

And it seems like it did, with another sponsor stepping down.

What it really means now that two sponsors have walked away, is that there has finally been drawn up lines in the sand. Unfortunately for Helgstrand Dressage, they have become the battle ground, but really, this was long overdue.

With Equsana walking away, one could still shrug it off, applaud them for not playing along, but nothing was really going to change from this nice gesture. With Linsmark backing out too, it will force people to take sides.

It will force the rest of Helgstrand’s sponsors to take sides. Either they terminate as well, or they support this kind of riding. Suddenly, it became that simple. That has to leave someone with a few tough decisions to make.

Again, a list of the remaining sponsors;

Coldcare has announced that they don’t support animal abuse, but they have in year 2014 an agreement with a handful of riders, and not the rider in question.

Clearly they are trying to have their cake and eat it too, by not taking sides in this. Best of luck with that.

Ingdams is currently ignoring the whole thing. One can only conclude by their stunning silence that they didn’t think Akeem was being abused. Not shopping there anymore…

G. Passier and Sohn are responding with the same kind of loud silence, clearly ignoring all the people who have commented on their face book page. Perhaps they don’t understand the language and hasn’t seen the pictures… One must give them the benefit of the doubt, for now.

I haven’t looked up all of them. If or if not Helgstrand Dressage loses all of his sponsors, is hardly the issue.

But for once, it doesn’t feel like we are fighting alone, against this huge money driven monster, that is equestrian sports. For once, the horse is being heard, by at least a few people, rich and powerful enough to matter when they dare say no.

So maybe I won’t remember every sponsor of every rider. In fact I know that I don’t. But I do remember those who support the worst riders I have seen, so I can avoid them.

Now, I remember too, those who took their name off this blood sport. Thank you.

Let’s hope it matters, for the horses everywhere.

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