Thank You Equsana!

It’s raining today, I am not going to meet the deadline for releasing my book, since I keep having other things to do, that somehow seem to take precedence, over finishing my book…

Still, I won’t be stressed out over it today. I won’t be. Why?

Equsana has terminated their sponsor agreement with Helgstrand Dressage.


Quite possibly the best thing that happened in the dressage world, in like, forever. Can you imagine that? A sponsor actually backing off and saying no to rollkur and animal abuse?

So, yes, I stopped buying Equsana, despite how good a product it is, (horse feed,) the second I saw their logo on Helgstrand’s saddle pad. Some things I just cannot support. My horses have been eating something else for the last year…

Now, I have to say, I am so back. Thumbs up, Equsana, for taking a stand, and not just turning a blind eye like everybody else, in Akeem’s life!

The official statement, translated, reads like this;

“Equsana has from this date, terminated the sponsor agreement with Helgstrand Dressage, through common understanding between the parties.

Based on pictures of Helgstrand’s horse, Akeem Foldager, which has caused debate on social media, an independent veterinarian has completed a detailed examination of the horse.

Equsana values horse welfare and animal ethics, and as a part of the sponsor agreement, one must live by these rules. Therefore it is the veterinarians report, underlying Equsana’s final decision of terminating the sponsor agreement.

In addition, the statements from the Danish Equestrian Federation, Animal protective service and Hestens Værn, (Horse guard,) has weighed in.

Helgstrand Dressage has met us with openness and has through it all, cooperated with shedding light on the case.

It has been important to us, before we made such an important decision, of ending our cooperation, to have an independent, professional investigation.

Equsana is going to stress the ethical guidelines with our other sponsor recipients.”

And the original statement,for those who understand Danish;

“Efter gensidig forståelse parterne imellem har Equsana dd. opsagt sponsoraftalen med Helgstrand Dressage.
På baggrund af fotos af Helgstrands hest, Akeem Foldager, som har rejst debat på de sociale medier, har en uvildig fagdyrlæge nu gennemført en grundig undersøgelse af hesten.

Equsana sætter hestevelfærd og dyreetik højt, og det er en del af sponsoraftalen at skulle efterleve disse regelsæt. Det er derfor dyrlægens rapport, der ligger til grund for Equsanas endelige afgørelse om at opsige sponsoratet.
Derudover har udmeldingerne fra Dansk Ride Forbund, Dyrenes Beskyttelse og Hestens Værn også vægtet i beslutningen.
Helgstrand Dressage har mødt os med åbenhed og har i hele forløbet samarbejdet om at få sagen belyst.

Det har været vigtigt for os at have en uvildig og faglige undersøgelse, inden vi traf så vigtig en afgørelse som at opsige samarbejdet.
Equsana vil nu indskærpe de etiske retningslinjer overfor vores andre sponsormodtagere.”

So, WELL done Equsana. Thank you.

I look forward to buying your products again. And I hope that you, being this brave, in a world where no one dares to take the first step, will someday make a much bigger difference than just losing Helgstrand Dressage some money. Again, I am not out to get Helgstrand Dressage in any way. But this, it gives me hope for the future. Maybe someday, people will dare to say no when they are presented with animal abuse.

Maybe someday, but for now, one giant did. Now THIS, I will applaud. Once again, well done Equsana.

Thumbs up, all around.


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