Saleem And Louvre At The Beach

Okay, time for a positive post. Since I was a bit freaking out over Saleem’s blood test, possibly indicating a slight fault on his kidneys, I have had the vet send me a copy of his test, so I could go over it with a magnifying glass on my own. I know, obsessive, that’s me.

Anyway, the one number on the test where he was off the scale was calcium. Way too low. Off the scale low. Which might indicate kidney issues. But… I have to admit, I don’t think so. I have been watching the horse like crazy the last week, and he doesn’t drink more than the others and his urine is pretty much the same color as the others… and going over the rest of his test, he showed a few vitamin imbalances, so now I am going over what I feed him again, making some changes to make up for what we were missing.

And I decided to keep an eye on him, but to stop driving myself crazy. He is not sick. My vet didn’t think so. For now, I am going to listen.

So, I decided that we needed to get away from home and be alive, other than worry all the time. I asked my friend LHK if she wanted to go to the beach with us.

Usually I would freak out over the prospect of having to drive my horses anywhere, and I would have to be forced, but this time I suggested it and I didn’t back out or panic over it. This is one of the wonderful things about Saleem. He is just so cool. Such a nice horse to bring along, no matter where we go. And LHK’s horse Louvre is completely cool with the trailer, so we went today.

The sun was pretty hot, for April, Saleem loaded fairly easily even though we haven’t trained trailer loading with him since November, and here we were.


Now, Louvre have not been out much, she has been used for breeding mostly, so even though she is 14 this year, she is as unsure of a lot of things, as Saleem is. That includes water. Foaming, moving water…


Knowing that my horse is small, I threw in the towel and got my feet wet, showing him the way. I was going to get wet anyway, once he jumped in. He is just not that tall.


Once we were past the first terror of the moving water, Saleem had the best day ever.









Such a wonderful horse. So easy going, so open minded, so trusting… I have never had a horse who is this fantastic to be around. He just takes everything in stride, and it is never stressful to work with him.






Thanks Lotte, Amalie, Aston, and Pia, for a wonderful day, and for proving to me that Saleem really isn’t sick. We played in the water for almost an hour, and he didn’t get tired. I am feeling much better about him now, I really am.


I’ll stop worrying for a while, and just enjoy how wonderful he is.

And sorry, LHK, I just love this picture of you guys!



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6 Responses to Saleem And Louvre At The Beach

  1. jen says:

    I love all the riding at the beach pictures! Looks like so much fun!

  2. saraannon says:

    I’ve been thinking about the low calcium and Saleem’s age. At 6 years old my Thoroughbred gelding began to act a little strange so I gave him calcium/phosphorus supplement blocks as well as magnesium sulfate. In six months he ate (free choice) 20+kg of magnesium sulfate and at least 60 kg each of calcium and phosphorus. He is a big horse- 700kg and 17.2hh, but at six their bones are maturing and apparently he needed a WHOLE lot more minerals than he was getting in his feed. The last supplement block is sitting in the corner of his shed getting pooped on by birds, as once he got enough he quit eating them. I did not test his blood but maybe I should have…
    And your pictures make me sad there is no ocean near New Mexico!

    • Starstone says:

      I am thinking along the same lines 🙂 I bought him a barrel of calcium, and left it on the pasture, thinking that if he feels like he needs it, he would dig in 😉 He doesn’t, but my two girls and my foal does, so I am really glad I tried that 😉 I am still working on finding magnesium and phosphorus as supplement blocks, we only have that as powder in Denmark, to sprinkle on his food, and I am sure I can’t make him eat that, does not take well to powder of any kind 😉 But it is a really good idea, I will have to pester my feed supplyer about it this Saturday, when we go to buy more anyway 🙂
      And thanks for sharing about yours, that really helps a lot !

      • saraannon says:

        Here I can get a block with salt, calcium and phosphorus that he liked to eat much better than a powder. The block was low in magnesium because it was intended for cows not horses, so I added enough magnesium sulfate to his food to keep the proportions right. Magnesium sulfate is pretty safe to supplement as if the horse eats to much they get diarrhea pretty quick. My horse never got the runs tho- when he needed magnesium, he ate as though I had finally seasoned his food properly, when he had enough, he threw the bucket on the ground and let the chickens eat it!

      • Starstone says:

        hmm for cows… I’ll have to look into that… I am not sure I can get that for horses around here, but it might be a really good idea 🙂 thanks 🙂

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