Happy Birthday Ablaze!

A year ago today, my boyfriend and I pulled this tiny little thing out of his mother. Okay, so not so tiny, actually he was a very huge foal. So huge his mother could not deliver him herself. Still, tiny foal…!

Blazie 226

His birth became the happy ending I so desperately needed for my book, Surviving the Equestrian World. I have no idea how I would have ended it, if he had not been born.



He has been an absolute joy, even if my boyfriend thinks he is a bit too wild. I adore his temper.



It feels like this year has flown by. He is growing up so fast.


A little video of him, from today, learning to be touched by a plastic bag on a stick. He wasn’t a huge fan, but we need to train him, because he is every bit as touchy as his mother, and Saleem and Apocalipse. I guess it is an Arabian thing. Marble, my thoroughbred, couldn’t care less about that plastic bag on a stick…

So happy birthday Ablazing Legacy OX, thank you for entering my life and making me smile again. You are a godsend. One year old. That is a big day!



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