Your Own Eyes

A man has been arrested, for threathening Akeem’s owners. Even if the name of the man is not yet officially released, everyone online “knows” who it is.

Especially those who support Andreas Helgstrand with a vengeance. Oh, they know. It’s Hector, they say, and he works for and now anything anyone might have to say about Akeem and Andreas is here by invalid, because clearly we are crazy!

So let’s be clear. Hector, if it is him, does not work for I do not work for, but yes I have supplied them with pictures once, because they are the only ones who dare post them and say what needs to be said. So of course, Team Helgstrand wants to take down Any chance they get.

Why? If they didn’t feel that they were treating Akeem wrongly, why then would it bother them what Epona writes about them? There will always be haters, you can’t please everyone. So if they truly believe that Akeem has not suffered by their hands, why then does it bother them this much what Epona writes about them?

Yes, the Heglstrand supporters are now saying that Andreas has been cleared. Simply because Hector has been arrested and we all know he was the leader of this “destroy the dressage sport” movement. Therefore, we are all insane and Andreas was right all along.

So let me repost the recent pictures for good measure.

akeem blue

akeem 6

akeem 5

akeem 4

akeem 2

And ask, who is destroying the dressage sport?

I believe the pictures speak for themselves. I believe they say anything we ever needed to hear, loud and clear. With pictures like these ones, words should not be needed.

Four year old stallion, Vincent Maranello, ridden by Andreas Helgstrand at the same event, as the pictures of Akeem:

four-year-old stallion Vincent Maranello
four-year-old stallion Vincent Maranello




That said, if it is Hector who has been arrested, and if it is true that he has been threatening Akeem’s owners, this is a huge blow for all of us. First off, because threatening someone is NEVER acceptable, and should NOT happen, no matter what. Second, because it does make all us look like a bunch of hysterical fanatics. It makes it so much easier to over -write us, which is clearly what all of Team Helgstrand is doing now.

“Andreas has been cleared.” “Man arrested.”

Wait, what? It wasn’t fricking Hector who rode Akeem that day, how can his arrest clear Andreas? (If it is him, who has been arrested, again, we don’t know anything for sure.) Still, Andreas rode the horse, how can the arrest of someone else clear him of abusing his horse? What am I missing here?

So, not matter who got arrested, I hope it is not true that you threatened someone, I hope it is vicious lies spread by Team Helgstrand, to make all of us look bad. I hope the police will realize what kind of game they stuck their hands into and that they will release you and run, because if there is one world where the police usually dares not enter, it is the Equestrian World.

A world where everybody is fooling everybody and no one tells the truth, a world where money are washed white by repeated change of hands and, a world where you can trust nothing but your own eyes. So go back now, and look at the pictures and tell me, no matter who fucked up and may have threatened Akeem’s owners, or not.

By your own eyes, is it not still abuse, or does this truly clear the hand that holds that rein?


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