Eurovision Song Contest

I should learn to keep my mouth shut. I really should. I can’t though. Some things I simply must comment on or my mind will implode.

I didn’t watch the Eurovision Song contest yesterday. And yes, I know, it was held in Denmark, which is part of the reason why I didn’t watch it. I have to admit, I was expecting a slap stick humor kind of show, with hosts who spoke horrible English and made me want to jump out the window, like the last time it was held in Denmark. Since I didn’t watch it, I can’t tell if I was wrong, but that is not the point of this post.

I am usually not a huge fan of Eurovision. To be fair, I haven’t watched it since Lordi won, way back in, was it 2006? Somewhere around that. And I only watched it then, because Finland had been asked to chose another act than Lordi, but they stuck with their soft core monster rockers, and of course I had to support that. (If anyone has failed to notice, I am a sucker for a lot of Finish bands, which is why I even knew that Lordi was being asked to leave.) I was laughing my wicked little ass off, when they actually won. So not what the creators of Eurovision wanted.

And I watched it the year after, solely because Finland was now the host, and they know how to entertain, (sorry Denmark,) and because The Ark competed. Yep, I ADORE the Ark. I have to admit, it wasn’t their best song, the one they brought to the finals, but it wasn’t much worse than any of the others. I was pretty disappointed to see them at the bottom. Back then, I have to admit, I was thinking well, Europe was just not ready for Ola Salo and his jazz hands just yet… what a shame…

Imagine therefore the wicked smile that is now plastered on my face, after having woken up this morning and seeing face book. Everybody is talking about it. Some more than others, some are cheering, some are shaming… makes you realize what kind of people your friends are…

So, of course I had to check out the winning song, everyone is talking about.

I have to say, I hate that girl. I mean look at her. Her hair is just perfect, her eyes, her skin, everything. Not to mention her voice. She is prettier than me, even with the beard. How can I not recent that?

I came across her music video as well, for Rise like a Phoenix. It has me giggling. I am sorry, I can’t help it.

She is not doing ANYTHING that most pop stars these days, are not doing ten times worse. If she had shaved off the beard, no one would have ever realized that she was not a woman by birth. If this had been Britney or Christina or Pink, this video would have been easily one of the more sober videos they have made. Why should a man not be allowed to do the same? Especially one as pretty as this girl… Still hate her…

I love it that she keeps her beard though. That is a statement that cannot be overheard. Thumbs up Conchita Wurst, and Europe for voting her the winner. Since I wasn’t watching I can’t tell if this was the best song, but I can say this. It was long overdue, that Europe grew up and learned to accept diversity.

Maybe I should start watching Eurovision after all. Perhaps the world can still surprise me, if I give it a chance.


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2 Responses to Eurovision Song Contest

  1. Jenny says:

    Oh it was the best song!
    /Jenny from Sweden

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