Bike Lane

As a fellow biker, I have been laughing a lot over this video. Follow the link.

I can only say this, we have this problem in Denmark too, and yes, it is a problem. At least if you try to ride your bike anywhere. Usually people park their cars in the bike lane and don’t think twice about it. In fact, if major events are unfolding and someone is in need of extra parking space, the police even helps people park so they block the bike lane. Why? I guess you can’t block the road, but the bike lane, who cares?

Granted, we don’t get tickets in Denmark, for leaving the bike lane. We do run the risk of being run down though, because our roads are so small. Most of the time, if two cars meet and have to pass each other, one of them will enter the bike lane, just to make enough space. Imagine being the unsuspecting biker in a collision like that…

And our ambulances are forced onto the bike lanes, and the sidewalk, on a regular basis, simply because people driving their cars, do not pull over when they hear a siren. Imagine that, riding your bike, minding your own business, and suddenly facing an ambulance at high speed, in the wrong side of the road, coming straight at you. So much for being safe in the bike lane…

The snow. Don’t get me started on the snow. Every winter, the roads are cleared, and the way they are cleared is simple. All the snow is pushed off the roads and onto the convenient bike lanes. Off the sidewalk too, and on to the bike lanes. Because we all know, if people in cars can’t get to work smoothly, they will complain, but who cares about out bikers? They can hop on a bus (if there were any,) if the bike lane gets blocked. Where else to put the snow?

Then we have the people who back out of their drive ways during rush hour every morning, eyes on the road, never noticing that they are crossing a bike lane before they get on to the road. Once the road is clear, they simply pull out and well, if you happen to be biking by, it sucks to be you.

Yep, I have been biking all my life. I hate it. I have been run down quite a few times. IN A BIKE LANE. Busted two bikes that way.

To be honest, driving a scooter in the bike lane, like I do these days, doesn’t make it any less dangerous, quite the contrary. Everything is faster, you brake slower, and when some idiot in a moving van pulls up right in front of you and parks his car, you can’t just swirl and avoid him…

So yes, this video made me smile. I guess it was about time someone said it. I must say, he is a dedicated guy. He takes some quite nasty falls… hats off to him. I know you didn’t follow the link. Go do it now. Even if you have never ridden a bike in your life, it is bound to make you smile, simply because it is so ridiculous. And sadly, doesn’t begin to describe how dangerous and impossible it is to get around on a bike.

Have a nice evening everyone!


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