More My Little Ponies!

I went through the last of my ponies last night, and as such, I have to show a few pictures. Now, the first I showed pictures of was the old ones, mostly.

These are still very much Generation 1, but, most of these are in mint condition. Which is why I had them stashed away. Still, last night, I took them out and looked them over… I wish I had a big house, where they could get their own room…

Let’s start with my Family Ponies. They are near mint, their hair may need a bit of redoing, but it is the original curls just the same…

Apple Delight Family.

MLP 10

Sweet Celebrations Family. I always loved the green hair on the father in this family…


Bright Bouquet Family.

MLP 11

Lavender Lace, mint condition, lives in her original box, as does all of her Perfume Puff friends. I always adored her. And she still has her perfume smell.


Sugar Apple, mint condition, my Candy Cane ponies lives in their original boxes as well. They still have their candy smell as well. Isn’t she adorable? I always loved her curls…


Sky Rocket


And Sunspot


Two of my beloved sparkle ponies. The Orange of Sunspot and the red mane of Sky Rocket, was something you never saw in ponies back then, so they were always very special to me.

Banana Surprise

MLP 12

Chocolate Chip

MLP 13

And Butter Kiss…


Okay, I could keep posting pictures of my mint ponies… they are so beautiful… And these Sundae Best Ponies has been preserved in layers of plastic, so their smell is perfectly intact as well.

Imagine that, twenty years in a box, and they still smell like ice desert…

And a few of my brother ponies, just because…

Chief was always a hero of mine, not sure why. He is not that special, I just always loved him.


Barnacle is rather special, with his orange mane and tail, again something you didn’t see in My little Ponies, back in the day.


And last, but not least, Wigwam. It doesn’t get much cooler than this pony.


My mom just found all my old pony clothes… and I kind of set her up looking for my dance academy and one of my beauty parlors, and the cats that went along with them… Some of my things were scattered, because my sister played with them when she was a kid. I shudder to see what condition my dance academy is in once we find it… She didn’t get to borrow the ponies though. My Baby Half- Note is safe. As is Kiss Curl. I just need to find their homes again.

But for now, I might have to try one clothes on my ponies… and take more pictures… oh the fun of collection My Little Ponies. Perfect way of wasting your time and your money. Still, I think that my boyfriend likes it better now that I have taken up sending him links to Ebay, rather than real horse sales adds… Somehow he feels that plastic ponies are cheaper to buy and a lot cheaper to keep, than real horses…

And by the way, the difference in my two Napper’s. The mint one on the left, the one I have played with for ten years, on the right.

MLP 14

Yes, she is faded, not quite as sparkley, not as yellow, not as smooth in her mane and tail- which is why she is braided- but she has been with me everywhere. To school, to the beach, you name it, she was there. I do think I love her more, the faded one, than the mint version. Still, if I had not had two of them I wouldn’t have played with her. Thankfully my mother was on to me, this crazy little kid, who collected ponies, rather than play with them… and she got me a spare, of a few of them.

Star Hopper and Star Hopper, mint and used.

MLP 16

Sorbet Surprise, mint and used.

MLP 15

She shows. She doesn’t smell anymore, the used one. And her purple is really faded and dirty. Which is why she is now living next to my bed, where as the mint version is wrapped up in plastic and packed away again, to preserve her. One day I am going to need an air- tight glass box for those ponies… in a very big house….


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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