Looking At The Future?


I believe we are looking at the future. And isn’t it pretty?

Read the article here;


As if it wasn’t bad enough, to leave horses in the “horse walkers” for hours on end, which quite a few people who have them do, much to the distress of the horses, now this?

A machine to train two year old horses?

Where are the animal welfare organizations?

“Mr Kurt is passionate about the welfare of horses, not just winning races; this system can also be used for the training and rehabilitation of horses which have been injured.”

Perfect then. For breaking youngsters and training rats, who are already broken, and would have otherwise cost a lot of time and money, on training and rehabilitation….

I am sorry, but every time a professional stable says something like that, my first thought is; Do you expect injuries? Oh yeah, right. Of course you do.

I just always thought it was better to prevent injuries at all costs, than to plan for how to treat them once they come… But then again, I am such an idiot, aren’t I?

This article is mostly about Nature protecting people, not wanting the machine build, because it ruins the landscape. Now, don’t get me wrong, any reason not to build this torture chamber, but why is there no animal protection groups jumping on this?

How can this be legal? Imagine the ways this can be abused, I dare you.

“The Kurtsystem allows the horse to be loosely tethered into a monorail ‘car’ or cabin and led around an all-weather covered track at varying speeds dependent on their training progress and circumstances.”

I feel a chill running down my spine. I have seen the Horse Walkers electrified and abused. Imagine this, in the wrong hands. Hell, imagine this, in the right hands.

Is this where the equestrian sport is going? Replacing training, trust, friendship… by a machine?

I know, in the world of horse racing, trust and friendship has been strangers for a long time, and the training has been mostly breaking the animal, but still. How is this legal, and isn’t it a sad, sad day, because it is?

When did the horse become a thing we could just tie to a machine and force to do our bidding?

I keep trying not to write these posts. I keep trying not to be that person. I keep trying to just take care of my own horses and leave the world alone, but I just… can’t.

The articls is a year old. This is not the future. Here we are.

How do we allow this? I am astounded. I am horrified. I am disgusted with the entire human race, myself included, for even coming up with this. We should hold our selves to higher standards.


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2 Responses to Looking At The Future?

  1. liccau says:

    This is saddening in many aspects. I saw a question on their Facebook page, “What happens if the horse falls and trips (in front of the training car)?”. They failed to answer that question, surprisingly enough…

  2. Jenny says:

    Oach! Really creepy and doesn’t sound/look like healthy training at all..

    Googled it and found this on youtube, apparently they have a “car-system” aswell as the one in the article… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBkfwgF8UcM – at 2:50 they are exercising a FOAL in the car-system!!
    Here is a interview (first of four parts) where they talk about the machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0WzPr0Y8z0
    -More than 1 horse has white hairs where the halter is, probably because they have a hard time keeping the exact tempo of the machine and pull in the halter and gets to much pressure.. I wonder what happens to a horse that have a hard time keeping up with the tempo of the machine and the other horses?!?
    -One of the person that talk in the interview talks about putting 3week old fools in the machines and cantering them! Problem according to them is that you then have to exercise the mare at the same time…..

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