The White Paperbacks

Lulu still hasn’t managed to fix their cover wizard just yet, which means that my pocket size paperback of Surviving the Equestrian World, is still on hold, as is the Danish version. The US Trade version is up and running, but as soon as Lulu fixes the problem, I will remove that one, because it is not the book I want. It is not that it is a bad version of the book, as such, it just isn’t want I want. It still prints on cream paper, not white, which gives it a kind of old school look. It’s not that I don’t like it, it really just wasn’t what I wanted… So, waiting impatiently for Lulu for about the fourth week in a row here… that cover wizard, sure is a wizard… it is just like magic, how it keeps “bugging” and how they can never fix it when it does…


Anyway I am not complaining about Lulu here, I actually think they are doing a good job, and it is a huge page to manage and a lot of books to keep track of.

I guess I am pretty much complaining about internet bugs… stay away from the cover wizard, would you?

Anyway, brilliant as I am, I decided to try something else. I could take down the white versions of the Starstone Series paperbacks… and while doing so, I could revise one of them, and change it to Surviving the Equestrian World. Quite brilliant ha? The problem I am having with cover wizard- this time- is that I can’t select “Image Only” which stops me from fitting my cover pictures as a theme, but with a book that is already up and running, only being revised, the “Image Only” option as already been selected… So, perfect sneaky plan here…

So I opened the Hand of Fate, and “revised” it, knowing full well that by doing so, I am deleting all of my brilliant reviews… *sigh*

I didn’t get far though. The Hand of Fate, along with all my other books, are in the international database on Google, and therefore, I was not allowed to change the title of the book… which means that there will be no cutting corners here… but the idea was good… the cover wizard worked, and the “image only” was selected…

God, I hate computers sometimes…. There is no outsmarting them…

Anyway, I will be taking down the white versions of the English Paperbacks though. When I first published the Starstone Series, the white cover was exactly what I wanted, but I must admit that once I found the black and red option, I have been wavering.

So, I am keeping the white covers for the hardcover version, and for the Danish version of the books, but the English Paperbacks will, like the e-book, remain only in the black and red version.

I think that will make it easier for people to navigate my page, and to find the difference between hardcover and paperbacks…

So, a week from now, the English versions of the white paperbacks will be removed.

It is this one,

The Hand of Fate (now without reviews because I messed with it, still printing as always though, I haven’t changed a thing,)

The Twins


The Crown Prince

IMG_2624 IMG_2627

They will remain in this version,

The Hand of Fate

The Twins

And The Crown Prince

IMG_2632 IMG_2637

By the way, still working on book four in the series, the Unicorns Horn, but I can’t tell when it will be released, other than it will be this year, hopefully before too long.

It will be published in the black and red paperback version, and in the white hardcover. I will set up the white paperback on demand, if anyone should want the entire series in a white version. I understand that those of you who have bought the series in the white paperbacks might find it annoying that I am now changing the covers. So, if anyone wants the last two in that version, to complete their series, they will be up briefly.

But, for now, last chance to buy the first three as white cover English paperbacks. And I recommend that you don’t, unless you have bought some of them and want to complete the series. If you haven’t bought any of them yet, please go with the black covers. Or the hardcover’s, if it must be white. Thank you.


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