Happy Birthday Saleem

Six years ago, I brought home this young man. Sadly, I didn’t have a camera that was worth anything back then, so what I have is this;


Photo by Cautzar Arabians.


Photo by Cautzar Arabians.

And a few lousy cell phone pictures.



Anyway, my wonderful Saleem is turning seven today. It feels like those years have just gone by unnoticed. I mean, I know, it has been some of the longest years in my life, because in the cause of those six years, I have lost Legacy, Amalia, Poseidon and Apollon. Saleem has been right here with me, growing up, through some of my darkest times.


Saleem, and Amalia, gave me Apocalipse as well, the foal for which I am grateful every single day.


And I should stop calling him a foal by now…


I won’t lie, Saleem has been driving me crazy, quite a lot, with his violent headshaking. I sure have felt that I have let that horse down more than once, because I just couldn’t figure out how to help him in the best possible way.


I hope he will forgive me though, now that I at long last is on the right track. At least I hope so.


Through the last six years, there has been one thing about Saleem I have come to rely on. His open mind. Even if he responds by screaming “I can’t, I won’t, please don’t make me,” whenever you try to teach him new things, as soon as you manage to explain it to him, and keep his focus, he is one of the most fantastic horses I have ever worked with. He takes such pride in doing things perfectly.




saleem mus 2


equstrian cover





I never tire looking at that face.


Thank you Saleem, for entering my life and for putting up with me. Thank you, for, at long last, letting me love you. Like a true sensitive soul, it has been a long journey for me, to find my way under your skin, but I am here to stay. I really am.


Happy birthday Superstar.


Photo by HP foto


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