5 Killed Friday at Clonmel in Ireland

Five… On the same track, on the same day… What kind of a “sport” does not stop in honor of their fallen, once the first “athlete” dies?

Imagine in a football game, what if one of the players accidentally dropped dead? Would the game continue? How about five players? You think the audience would still cheer?

What kind of an audience does not turn away in outrage, at this?

Someone said to me the other day, “Crowds are stupid. They cheered at the guillotines as well…”

The sad part was, that I got that comment, from a picture of a modern day dressage horse. This though? Five horses DEAD on the same track. Are people in crowds truly heartless?

And once again, how can it be allowed? Where are the animal welfare organizations, protecting the animal, from this cruel game?

And yes, I made a big deal out of the show jumper at JBK who left the show ring with a lung bleeding. This is why. If we allow our horses to leave the show ring bleeding, how soon, do we allow them to die?

I am still waiting for FEI to answer…

Horseracing Wrongs

There is bad, then there is really bad. Friday at Clonmel Racecourse in Ireland, five, yes five, horses were killed steeplechasing. According to Irish Racing, here’s how it unfolded:

“Ballintotty Boy was the first casualty in the opener when the ground was described as good. Milan Elite fell at the fifth in the fifth and he sadly failed to rise, with the ground changing to good to firm after that contest. The third fatality came in the seventh with Oscar Pearl having to be put down after she pulled up injured before four out. Two more came to grief in the bumper with newcomers Lisgreen Lad and Areyouforreal both picking up fatal injuries.”

“Two more came to grief.”

In response comes this excrement from “Clerk of the Course” Lorcan Wyer:

“Obviously we were facing into 22 degree heat [72 F] and a very warm dry evening and there is…

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2 Responses to 5 Killed Friday at Clonmel in Ireland

  1. Lucy says:

    A really dreadful weekend for equestrianism, what with this and two riders killed, one at Luhmuhlen and another in Somerset here in the UK…

    • Starstone says:

      Ahm yeah… nothing about equestrinaism about any of this… and to be honest, sure its sad when a rider dies, but that doesn’t really touch that cold heart of mine…. they chose it.
      The horse, on the other hand, didn’t have a choice.

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