About a week ago, I discovered this tiny kitten in the garden, belonging to the guy who owns my stable. Completely wild, I could not get near her, I could hardly move while we were in close proximity of each other. Still, I managed to steal a bit of the stable cat’s food and lure her out of the strawberries she was hiding in.

sky 2

Noticing how skinny she was, I realized that it was only a matter of time until I would find her starved to death, or permanently damaged from starvation, like Life, the kitten I took home a year and a half ago. I could not just sit by and watch while this one died.

So, I set out to be allowed to touch her. Sneaking food into the garden every day, hoping she would be there, hoping the big stable cat wouldn’t show up and eat her, and telling the owner of the place to be nice, and not chase her away of he discovered her, and under pain of death, to not shoot her, I spent hours in that garden, sitting quiet as a mouse, watching her eat in the distance.

She did come around quickly though, especially on the days where the stable cat didn’t show up and scared her off.

sky 1

And then, two days ago, I invited my friend, who has a car and is currently giving shelter to two kittens from the animal shelter who needed extra care, to meet her. Sky, as she is called at the moment, never saw us coming, when we stuffed her in a box and drove her to my friend’s house.

sly 3

Sky is a nice kitten. She is mostly tired, starved and dehydrated. She found it utterly strange to be inside a house, but she settled on the bed rather quickly. She even put up with the little black one, who is all over the place.


So now, while she is eating, sleeping and recovering, we are working on what to do with her. I wish I could take her home. At the moment, I fear that Life might be too cruel to her. At least, she needs to regain her strength first. It would be nice if Life and Sky could be friends. Life needs a friend. Still… With Life sleeping on my boyfriend’s pillow and Chad sleeping on my knees, I hardly get any sleep at all these days. Another kitten? Where would I put it? Where would she be?

I don’t know. We could hand her over to the shelter, once she is completely tame and has gained weight… But a cat in a shelter, what is her chances there? Would they just put her down?

Well, she is safe, for now. My house hold is not opposed to me, bringing her home eventually… Which I just might…


Life is already objecting. Chad would never notice…


On a different note, Ablaze and Tardis has been separated, as I want her to stop lactating at long last. It has gone remarkably well. I keep waiting for something to blow up in my face… can you separate a mother from her foal and not get an explosion of some sort? Is that because he is a year old, and they are both emotionally ready for it now, or are they going to implode on me when I least expect it? I can hardly believe that drawing a fence across my pasture, placing Ablaze, Marble and Saleem on one side, and Apocalipse and Tardis on the other, can go without drama… Something must go wrong, right?

I won’t lie, Saleem finds it a bit unfair that he got the kids, and he thinks it’s very hard to be babysitter.

gang 1

And I did have to go buy one more of their mineral licks, because there simply was no sharing across the fence, and who ever didn’t have it, was desperately missing it, and instantly jealous of the others… But if that is going my only problems, then I think I should count my blessings… And hope this isn’t the calm before the storm.



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