Words Without Voices

Time for a little advertising, I believe. Paradox Obscur are releasing their first album;


And featured on the album, is one of my friend Noel Heart’s poems, Words Without Voices, track four;


As a writer, this is pretty darn awesome for Noel, and no matter if this kind of electronic music is so completely not me, I am happy dancing for her.

Congratulations, sweetheart!

I hope it will bring a lot of attention to your writing. After all, it is totally cool to have a band turn one of your poems into a song, and release it on their first album.

And everyone else, go check it out! It’s free to hear the song on Soundcloud… (Link above.)

Words Without Voices are taken from Noel’s poetry collection, Blue Lips/ Acoustic Suicide, here as a paperback;

blue lips front 1


And as a kindle;

blue lips front 1


Do enjoy!


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