Birthday’s And Gravel

It’s going to be my birthday again- happens every year- in a few days, and so my boyfriend and his family decided to throw me a party. For me, that is a little strange, coming from a family where birthdays were only celebrated under protest from the adults and only as long as you were a child, and as soon as you became a teenager, you were kind of talked out of the whole thing, as a part of growing up… Not complaining, that’s just how we are in my family. Anti social, bothered by most things that changes every day life, even for a second. Like throwing a party. The horror.

The whole birthday gift thing, is kind of new to me too. Once again, in my family, we don’t really give gifts, and if we remember each other’s birthday, we kind of just text them or buy them a flower or something small and disposable or something useful, like a pair of cheap shoes I can ruin at the stable… Again, not complaining, but, that always put me in a sort of awkward position when my boyfriends family asks what I want for my birthday. I truly don’t know what you can wish for at events like these…

This year though, I came up with one thing I really, really need, but it is kind of a huge gift. Gravel for my pasture, to stabilize the ground around my house, to avoid mud, come fall and rain.

Somehow my boyfriend’s sister didn’t think that was a real wish… Gravel. Who wants that for their birthday?

Well… Hello, I am Veronica, have we met?

So, I came up with something else as well. My Little Ponies. Of course not any My Little Ponies, but I made sure to send them ebay links, to the ones I miss in my collection… And I have to say, for someone like me, who has been collecting ponies since she was four years old, unwrapping My Little Ponies, for my birthday, was kind of a dream come true. Which is why I have to show them…

Butterscotch, one of the very first from 1982


Lickety-split, very old childhood hero, now grown up…


Speedy, my second twinkly eye pony


Baby Stockings, another childhood dream come true. I always wanted a pony that wasn’t pink, or pale blue, or greenish, something with a real color, like dark red…


And Baby Billie, she is just awesome, because she is THIS pink… Welcome to my world, where things like this makes perfect sense…


Being the spoiled brat that I clearly am, I did get a promise for a load of gravel as well, but that is kind of hard to wrap up and put in a birthday table… Wup, wup, that is going to be AWESOME!

Coming home, I discovered that the best gift of the day, was the basked the presents were carefully arranged in. Life was on it like a fat ninja, happy playing all night.



Until she wore herself out and fell asleep on my pillow, that is.

So, boyfriend’s family, thank you guys so much, for a great evening, pretty ponies, my long wanted gravel and last but absolutely not least, the basket. It doesn’t get much better than this…



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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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