How To Train Your Dragon – Movies

I can’t help it. These movies are beyond question, the best horsemanship movies ever. They have it all.


Boy is raised to fear and fight dragons. Boy injures dragon in a battle and finds it wounded and helpless. Boy gets to know dragon and learns that even if they are huge, dangerous creatures, if you treat them kindly, the will love you and they will do anything for you.

This second movie, brings into it a bad guy, who tames dragons by force…

And our hero, and the love between him and his dragon, overcomes everything, because we all know that love breeds a better response than force.

I can’t watch these movies and not think, why is that so different in the equestrian world? How is it that force is the go-to tool, at all times, to most people? Because a horse is huge, and scary, and deep down, most people do fear the animal they handle, and feel the need to suppress it, rather than trust it?

How to Train Your Dragon movie image

Even Dreamworks knows that dragons will respond better to love and companionship… How can that not be transferred to the equestrian world?

I have to say, watching this second movie, I loved Toothless a little bit more, just because of the scene where he challenged the Alpha in the end, to defend his human. Tiny little dragon, taking on something so huge and so frightening, and the only thing I could think of, was how much that dragon had the spirit of my old friend, Poseidon. How he was ever the unchallenged Alpha of my pasture, and how I was blessed to have known a friend like that.

I really don’t have a lot to say about How to Train your Dragon, not the first and not the second. They are great movies, both of them, if you want to be entertained, and they are even better if you know a horse you have allowed to be your friend. Poseidon was ever always my dragon, and since he was feared by most of the people around us, I have spent our 15 years together, fighting for his right to not be tamed or broken.


I had not expected to find the very best horsemanship, described in a fictional, animated movie, about dragons, but there are so many parallels, I can only say one thing.

Watch them.

And take home the message. You can tame a dragon (and a horse) by force, but will it work for you at all times, and will it love you, if you do so?

Oh, and note the bridle they are not using, by the way… Got to love that…

How to train your dragon


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2 Responses to How To Train Your Dragon – Movies

  1. Wonderful post. I come here to get my “horse fix.” The connection with the dragons is wonderful.

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