Apocalipse is bored out of his mind these days, since he has been handpicked to keep Tardis company while she stops lactating. So, every once in a while, I have to let them back on the pasture with the others, just so Apocalipse can come flying out of nowhere, and ambush Saleem. It was burning hot yesterday, but that didn’t stop him.


And yes, it is Saleem’s son, and he doesn’t take well to the halter, but they were just visiting, and I had to make sure I could catch them quickly, if need be…

Look at that canter though…


As violent as it looks, they really don’t touch each other. These pictures are taken with seconds apart.






And again…




It did put a bit of a chill on Tardis, who is usually very explosive when they get to play though, but the good part is, Ablaze didn’t head straight for the udder. It actually took him about an hour, before he remembered that Tardis used to be a walking milkshake bar, and by the time he remembered, Apocalipse was done playing and I separated them again.


I started separating them the 15th last month, and the first week, Ablaze was allowed to empty the udder once a day, to keep Tardis as pain free as possible. The next week, he has been emptying it when I felt it was too tense and uncomfortable for her. And now, he has better keep his nose away. Tardis is no longer lactating. What we are waiting for is the udder to withdraw, so he doesn’t just get her going again as soon as they are let back together permanently.

I still hate separating them. Even if they get to play for an hour, every once in a while and even if they can see each other across the fence at all times… I can’t wait for this to be over, and for Apocalipse and Saleem to be back together.

And yeah, Marble is wearing a fly mask, as much as possible at the moment, and Ablaze is actually letting her. Usually he would bite it off instantly, but these days, she do get to keep it for a few hours at the time, before he feels the need to tear it off her face… I am hoping that he will grow up soon, and stop that, because she really needs it for her eyes…


I even bought her a clever mask, with no Velcro he could just bite open, but he not only got it of her in ten minutes, he tore it to pieces as well… so, yeah, back to the Velcro one…

And my friend LHK has bought us some new grooming boxes, and she has even been totally creative and has written names on them and everything. Of course now, I can’t tell them apart at all, because Saleem’s used to be the one that was totally ruined, Tardis and Ablaze shared one and they had Apollon’s old one, which was a shade darker than Saleem’s, Apocalipse used to have a box with a lid on it, completely eaten by himself and Marble by now, and Marble’s brushes used to lie in a bucket, because she is never groomed without the halter, due to her rather unstable temper.


Now they all look the same, and I have to read the name on the side, to know which brushes belong to whom. The horror. Reading… But, this is Ablaze’s and Marble’s very first grooming boxes, so that is kind of very special. Thanks, sweetheart! They are beautiful.


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  1. jen says:

    The grooming boxes are beautiful!

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