Surviving The Equestrian World- Again

So, here it is. Surviving the Equestrian World in three versions. The kindle is working, as far as I know, and the pictures are in full color;

Cover Saleem

Surviving the Equestrian World, as a paperback, US trade version, prints in black and white pictures on cream paper. The pictures print better in this one, than in the pocket size;

equstrian cover

Interior pictures.

IMG_1899 IMG_1898

Pocket size, matching the Starstone Series, prints in black and white pictures, on white paper, but the print on Lulu is a bit unreliable, and this is a smaller version than the US trade, which can make some pictures print badly;


Interior pictures. And they look better than they are, actually, because I have a camera that takes better pictures, than Lulu prints them… Which is kind of amusing, and slightly annoying.

IMG_0898 IMG_0899

I was planning on setting up a hardcover in full color, but I am not sure I want to, if Lulu’s printer is not any more reliable than this. It’s strange though, because the covers are so beautifully, so flawlessly printed… A hardcover in full color is going to be expensive though, I am not sure I want to take the chance on behalf of my readers, with a printer like Lulu’s, but I am exploring my options.

For now, I better get the Danish version finished. That one will be set up in the US trade version at the moment, not in the pocket size. I really wanted the pocket size to work out, and it does, sort of, but I have to admit, the US trade is better, when it comes to the training and illustrating of body language. Still, I am leaving both of them for sale, and letting my readers decide. They are both perfectly readable, and useful, I wouldn’t leave something for sale, that wasn’t satisfactory, I am just a bit of a perfectionist, and this book is a very dear child of mine. I guess it will never be quite perfect, to me, no matter what I do.

These books are both good enough though. So, I would recommend that if you want to read the story, primarily, you pick the pocket size. It is a little cheaper and it prints on white paper, which for me, is easier to read. If you are in it for the training however, I would go for the US trade or the Kindle, because the pictures are that much clearer. And I am stumbling over details here, but this is who I am, I can’t help it. So really, don’t mind me too much.


And with my sticky fingers all over the pocket book, getting caught in the flash… tsk tsk…

After I am done with the Danish version of this book, it is going to be a while before I write anything like this again, simply because setting up the pictures and publishing it, has been a nightmare. I am so looking forward to returning to the Starstone Series, and the much simpler publishing and printing process.


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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