Fly Mask

It is burning hot in Denmark these days, but we’re trying not to complain. We finally got a chance to start on making hay… so now we wait, for the cropped grass to dry, and then we will be driving it in all weekend, actually we might already start tomorrow.

I let my horses back together yesterday, after a month of separation, since Apocalipse was about to explode with boredom, having only Tardis to play with. So far, it doesn’t look like Ablaze is going to get her lactating again, so separating them might have been a success. It is always a little dangerous to get them back together, but fingers crossed that we are out of the woods now.

You never know with horses. Tardis surprised me the other day, when I gave Ablaze a fly mask on,  to shield his eyes, and Tardis took one look at him and started kicking him like she wanted him to die. In an instant I went from having a happy colt who just had his mother back, to having a kicked to pieces young man, running for his life, bleeding down one front leg, and chased by his mother…

Somehow I managed to get between them and tear the mask off Ablaze’s face. Tardis calmed down in an instant. Clearly she didn’t recognize him when his face was white all of a sudden, but still, that is a rather violent reaction. I am not sure what to make of that.

I got Ablaze washed of and the wound cleaned and luckily, nothing appeared to be broken- she hit him on the leg, right above the knee, and the amount of force she used, I have to admit, anything could have happened. Poor, poor little baby.

So no, he is not exactly trying to get her udder going again, after that…  And I am left wondering why she responded like that. I had the same response from her the first times Marble was wearing a mask, but Marble is bigger and more cautious around Tardis, so it didn’t go that badly, but it did cross my mind back then too, that it was a rather strong response I got from my pony.

I have been wondering a bit about her eye sight, but one would think that she is using her sense of smell to recognize the other horses? I don’t know. I really don’t. But I will have to figure out what sets her off, because I can’t have her explode like that when I least expect it.

Anyway, if I am not online a lot in the next few days, it is because I am melting in the sun, and driving hay…

I am mentally preparing myself already… Not doing too well, to be honest.


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