Cotton Candy And Sky Rocket

To my horror, I discovered that the mother pony of them all, the first piece of my collection, was growing old! My very first My Little Pony, Cotton Candy, given to me when I was four years old, was failing and no amount of soap or kisses could stop it. She is not growing the pony cancer that some ponies get afflicted with, those dark spots, where the plastic deteriorates, no, she is turning white.


I have never seen that before, but of course that caused me a tremendous amount of heartache. My Cotton Candy… even if she was never one of my favourites , like Applejack or Sky Rocket, for instance, she was my first, and she was always the star of my collection.

So, I found another version of her and sent a link to my boyfriend… The same seller had a Sky Rocket I never knew excised, so how cool was that? (I should explain here, I don’t have a visa card, so I can’t buy things online, which is why my ponies must go through him… very much for precautions. I don’t think I should have unlimited access to Ebay…) My boyfriend ignored me.

Until today, when I started looking up ponies again, just to you know, check what was up recently… And he said well, I got something for you. I kept it until you would need it one day.

Cute, ha?

Of course not, you don’t just buy ponies and don’t hand them over instantly!

So, my new Cotton Candy, looking fresh and shiny and smooth next to my mother ship…


And my Cotton Candy’s and the Baby Cotton Candy’s. Yes, they used to be pink as well, but clearly the baby ponies are losing their colour. On Ebay as well… I checked…


And the Sky Rocket!


My two Sky Rockets!


And of course, my Twinkly Eyed ponies, Sky Rocket, Speedy and Galaxy. I never had Twinkly Eyed ponies when I was growing up, so owning three now, is pretty darn awesome!



About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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