The Pool

I saw this video on face book, of a horse, bathing in a plastic pool and I was very impressed with how the pool didn’t break instantly, so I had to try and buy one for my horses.

I have to say, this is something I would have NEVER done, back in the day, with Poseidon and Apollon. Blowing up a huge blue thing, placing it on their pasture, and filling it with water. The idea of that alone, would have given them a heart attack and quite possibly have got me trampled as they disappeared in a cloud of dust.

So, just for not doing that, I am happy- dancing and SO, so proud of my horses. Ablaze was the brave one, who snuck up on the pool first, bringing with him his mother and very quickly after, Apocalipse, Saleem and Marble.


Marble and Apocalipse are the least sceptic of my horses and also the first ones to step foot in it on their own.


Saleem tried, but the edge was just too high, he dared  not really cross it, even though he truly wanted to play in the water.


Ablaze and Tardis kept spooking themselves by kicking at the sides… but they came back right away.




Apocalipse did kill the pool rather quickly. Not because he was walking in it, or stepping on it, but because he bites…


Still, it was a very amazing few hours, where I realized, we should totally dig a hole and make a shallow pool for them… that could be awesome! In time, Saleem might even get braver, if he had it around for more than the hours it took Apocalipse to see it, get to know it, and destroy it. Living up to his name…


We tried sending them across it in the end, just to see who would dare take that step up and into it when asked. Apocalipse and Marble did so without hesitation.





Saleem refused at first, but was convinced when the pool broke some more, and the edge disappeared. For him it is not a problem with the water or the plastic, but walking across something much higher than a tuft of grass is very complicated for him.


Tardis flat out refused and with the pool dying, I didn’t press the matter with her.


Ablaze was easily lured across with a treat. That horse is going to be a bit of a challenge as well. He is not afraid of anything, ever, but he responds by backing off and refusing everything as soon as I place a halter on his face. Without a halter, I can get him to do almost anything. As long as he sees the point in it for him… and as long as he has the freedom to chose, he usually chooses what I want him to do. Still, I do worry for his future once in a while, because he just won’t be forced. Like, when he had pneumonia a few weeks ago, and we had to give up on giving him antibiotics through injection,  because neither me, nor my vet, could get the job done.


Luckily there are other ways to give him antibiotics, but it does leave me thinking that it is my job to prepare him better and to accept a tiny bit of force somehow, because one day, his life may depend on us being able to do things to him, he does not like.

I suck at that. I love working with him, I love not using a halter and I adore his wild heart… In so many ways, he reminds me of Poseidon, the way he should have been, if he had been born to me and not to cruel hands. I see the same untamed, unbreakable flame in his eyes when I look at him and it is killing me to have to rope him in, so to speak.

Anyway, back to the pool. Try it. It was awesome. My horses have been spending the last three weeks hiding in the shade, irritated by flies and horse flies and the heat in general, but this pool made them forget all about it and we had a wonderful day, playing with it.


And even if it is punctured now, I can still use it, just without the water, to walk across, or jump across, or I can patch it up and let Apocalipse bite another hole in it… I have to say, it did take much more of a beating than I had dared hope it would, before it died.


I had thought that Saleem’s shoes would puncture it, but they didn’t, which is quite impressive.


So, if you don’t have horses like Apocalipse, who needs to bite everything, until it breaks, preferably by standing on it and pulling it apart, it should last a little longer for you. It really wasn’t the shoes or the hooves that got to it in the end. It was my superstar, living up to his name, destroying everything in his path…




Little did I know, when we named him Apocalipse, how fitting it would be.



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