Stubble Field

I hardly have time for anything these days. Who ever thought that summer was a time for relaxing, didn’t have horses… And didn’t have to bring in hay, straw, clean out lofts, ect, ect, ect…

So, here is a few shots of Aston and Saleem, trying their first stubble field together. Saleem is not the most sure footed horse, and Aston have not ridden him much, so I think I was kind of brave to even let the two of them try… But sometimes you have to let go and see what happens, and I have been wrapping Saleem in a bubble for the last years, trying to make sure he wasn’t asked to do anything he couldn’t handle at any point. Which means that since Amalia died, aand Apollon crashed and burned and died, Aston has hardly ridden, because that left us with Saleem only, who was old enough to be ridden.




Saleem has developed a lot lately, though.





And no, they didn’t find the canter button. Turns out, I have hidden that quite well, on this horse. To be perfectly honest, I am okay with that, for now. Saleem still have a bit of problems with the balance in his canter, I prefer to work on that on my own, so as to not confuse him…

Still, they did really good together and what can I say. Wonderful, wonderful horse!




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