G1 And G4

I had the scooter in for service yesterday. I can easily admit that it is horribly boring, since I am not allowed to stay at the workshop and watch what they are doing to my scooter. Insurance reasons… Right.

So, basically, I just wander about while I wait, looking at toy shops… As a happy collector of My Little Ponies, I figured I’d check out the market these days. What is for sale in the Danish Shops?

G4, of course, and I always thought they were horribly ugly, but still. Better than to be doing nothing right?

Having watched some of the new movies, I kind of know most of the new ponies, even if I think they are ugly, and so, I decided to pick up a Rainbow Dash, since I always liked her. For professional interest of course, to compare G4 and my old fashioned, well crafted, beautiful G1’s…

I have to say, sitting in front of the shop, in the shade, unwrapping my Rainbow Dash, ignoring random strangers shouting “Homeless, alcoholic, fuck off” at me, (people are so kind and always willing to kick someone who is lying down… I was half way hoping one of them would dare try, but none did, clearly it is easier to shout insults at people and run away….) for sitting on the ground, I have to say, I am not impressed.


Aside from the G4’s not really looking like ponies anymore, but more like strange, flatfooted cats, the finish is horrible. I mean, the mane already looked worn and dry as I took it out of the box. No G1 pony would have looked that frizzled, coming out of its box. Most of them don’t, 32 years later.


Not to mention that the tail is thin and not very long and the one accessory, the hairclip, didn’t fit. Not in the mane, and not in the tail, it is way too big. But the mane needs something to keep it from flying all over the place and frizzing even more, so…

All in all, not impressed with toys these days, My Little Pony G4, least of all. A company who is able to make such beautiful ponies as this old girl, Starflash,


Or her, SugarappleIMG_2965

Or even the pony friends,



Ponies who can go the distance and not fade over the years, not lose the shine to their hair, or the sparkle in their eyes, how is it that they ended up turning all their ponies into cats and cutting back on quality to such an extend?

Sitting with my Rainbow Dash in the sunlight yesterday, I actually felt sorry for the generation who is growing up with the G4’s. They will never know what a pretty pony should be.

Smooth, cute, shiny… and most of all, looking like a fat little pony in a fancy colour. Isn’t that what we love about My Little Pony?


I know that is what I am missing in the G4. That, and quality materials. Hair that doesn’t split when you remove it from the box, and plastic that doesn’t feel… cheap. Like it might it pony cancer in a few years…

Going back on ebay here, looking up G1’s…



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