I mentioned a while ago that I found a kitten at the stable. A thin, starving, dehydrated kitten. Very shy and impossible to touch.

sky 2

We did catch her, her weakened condition didn’t allow her to put up too much of a fight. We placed her at my friends house, since she was looking after some kittens for the local animal shelter anyway and I feared that Sky, as we named her, was too weak to be introduced to my big and evil cats at home, right away.

sly 3

Sky is the Danish word for Cloud, or for Shy, so it fits her quite well.

We brought her home about a week ago only to discover that the stress of being moved yet again, released a lot of round worms in her and she spent the first day with me, throwing worms up…. So, we got her treated for worms, as fast as humanly possible.

She is now on the mend, although we haven’t got all of the little bastards yet. Working on it…

Shy is a great kitten though. She handles Life easily, she hisses at Chad to make him keep his distance and  she plays, like a real kitten should.


Having had Life with us for a year and a half now, watching her slowly claw her way back to life, after she nearly starved to death before I found her, it feels a little strange seeing Shy. I have been feeling for a long time that Life has made a fairly good recovery, considering how damaged she was, how all of her muscles were gone and how her hind legs were not working for the first two months we had her… Life is walking now, and jumping a little, and she even started playing with toys and things recently.


Bringing home Shy did put Life into perspective. Shy has made an almost instant recovery. Granted, she wasn’t anywhere near as far gone as Life was, but still. As happy as I am for Shy, I feel sorry for Life, whenever I watch Shy play. Life couldn’t do that when she was Shy’s age.


Anyway, here is some pictures of the little terror child. And yes, I placed that rattle in the bathroom, where it won’t wake me up in the middle of the night and I tied it down, so she wouldn’t just bring it into my bed at night. Shy loves it, so I won’t confiscate it, but the noise it can make is unbelievable.






She is a pretty little cat. Very feminine. And very loving, not shy at all anymore, except towards Life and Chad. Life used to be terrified of Chad, it is not until now that Life and Chad is beginning to reach some kind of understanding. I had hoped that Shy and Life could become friends, because I feel that Life is a little too lonely sometimes. Life is not afraid of Shy, which is a very big step in the right direction. Now, all we need is for the little bastard to sit still for long enough for Life to catch up with her… I actually think that in time, they will be great together. Shy even manages sometimes, to make Life run, to get her excited and play, not with Shy, but with Shy’s toys… it’s a start… it’s a good start.


Fingers crossed.


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