Trying A Rider

We decided a few weeks ago, to start lying on Apocalipse, because I figured it would take time for him to get comfortable with. Apocalipe is hyper sensetive, just like his father, and he has got a rather explosive temper, just like his mother. So, basically, the perfect horse. But, climbing up there for the first time, is always thrilling.


Apocalipse is our perfect foal, by our beloved old thoroughbred  mare, Amalia, and our wonderful Arabain (now) gelding, Saleem. Watching him grow up has been a privilege and every day of our lives together has been a blessing. Still, It is a bit hard to grasp that he is four years old this year.


Apocalipse is not done growing up just yet, and as such, he won’t be doing any “riding” this year, but I figured it would take a long time for me to be allowed to lie on him.

I was wrong. Three days. Not in succession, but three days I tried lying on him whenever I felt like tempting fate, and on the third day, he was snickering to himself, eating hay, asking me his very well known question… Now what?


Apocalipse is a quick learner, and he very quickly get bored with most  things. It has been my greatest challenge to date, keeping him motivated, without asking him to perform tasks his body was not grown up enough to handle yet.

So, yesterday, we tried with the bridle and with a helper. Usually I would ride my youngsters in a halter at first, but Apocalipse despise the nose band, and as such, he is a lot happier with the bridle.


Here we are, my baby foal, wearing a rider for the very first time!


And Marble is helping…


It is a rare kind of youngster who can try a rider for the first time, and be stalked by his play mates at the same time, and still be calm and relaxed. For the horses I have known, they truly don’t come any more sensible and reasonable than Apocalipse. Which makes him the most dangerous of my horses, since I tend to forget how young he is and that he can still spook once in a while. You always have to be on your toes around any horse, even the perfect foal.

And this picture, I just love it. To me, this is what it is like to be “one with your horse.” Not riding, not making it do stuff. No, when I am one with my horses, I am one of them, being allowed into their heard, and accepted as part of their lives.


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