The Crown Prince by Veronica Marlin


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The Crown Prince is the third book in the Starstone series, and in my opinion the best book. It is dark, it keeps it real, it might be a fantasy story, but the way Nahorim act out after being sexually abused by someone close to him, since he was a child, is very real. His childhood is very violent. He believes that people only love him, when he have sex with them. His need for acknowledgement and strong need to for everybody around him to love the most, is so close to what I seen have in real life. He need it so much, that he ends up being the lead singer in a band, that becomes so famous, that Leaffall have never seen anything like it. He over shines his band members.

Nahorim is the Crown Prince of Leaffall, but he don´t seem to like the role giving to…

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