Cat Plant And Cat Toys

We are working on a movie these days, which is of course driving me utterly insane. I don’t work well with others, and this whole writing process of listening to the boys talk and spit ball ideas, and tell them when they wander off from the point of the story, it is not what I do best.

I would like for them to tell me what they want, then let me sit down on my own, and write the story, and then hand it back to them, for editing and adjusting… Team works is not what I do best, it is really not.

We have been playing with ideas for the sound track as well, which is all great, I love writing music, but once again, I do best on my own…

Now listen to me, sounding like an angry old woman here, wanting to be left alone in my bubble… I miss Poseidon, he knew what it felt like, to fend off intruders… My mind is a strange place. It feels crowded already, without constantly being poked by people…

And that is not to mention the cat- plant we have, who is not taking turns with Life, waking me once every hour, all night, feeling ignored when I sleep…

2014-07-25 16.55.50

So yes, I am in an awesome mood. I’ll go feed and hose down the horses now. And leave you with this video of the very creative writing process… Actually, I love this video, so please don’t get me wrong.

It’s a cat toy, by the way. I love how Jonathan knows it’s stupid, how he knows he shouldn’t play with it, how he is laughing, perhaps at himself, perhaps at the fact that he does find it funny… That is a study in human nature I find fascinating.

Sometimes it takes so little to entertain us. I have watched this video a thousand times already, just because I can’t figure out why he is so amused by it, and because his honesty makes me laugh every time. Not in a bad way. Just in a completely unknown to me, way. Maybe I should work on my team works skills. Perhaps I could learn something, from someone, someday, if I didn’t observe them, but actually took part…

Who knows. Hopefully we will get to shooting the movie soon. Like, tomorrow. Getting me away from having to write with others. I work much better in the field…

Now, go watch the video again. You know you want to…


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3 Responses to Cat Plant And Cat Toys

  1. jen says:

    So I’m sitting here, drinking my morning coffee, and I’m watching and re-watching the video, kind of chuckling to myself… šŸ™‚

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