Pony Bride And Pony Bride

Time for a few more pictures of My Little Pony…

I had the Baby Honeycomb since I was a kid, and I never knew that the grown up excised, so, having won her at an auction on E-bay is pretty awesome. To be honest, she is much cooler than the babies… Look at that neon mane…


I bought a custom made pony this time, not because I think her paint job is anything special, or her cutie mark, but look at that mane… I have plans for her, just because of that mane…


Living with a guy who paints tiny figures for Hordes and Warmachines and whatever else his strategy games are named, I have confidence that this Poodles can be turned into something awesome…

Once I suggested that, he kind of got hooked on the idea of making custom ponies. So I allowed him to have a few of the ones I have double, the shabby ones of course, but he wanted a Pony Bride. I will give him, she is awesome and can be turned into almost anything. Since I already have a pony bride, I will even allow him to paint on the new one…

I always wondered, why there even was a pony bride. I mean, you know, all the My Little Ponies, are girls. Except the “brother ponies” and the very rare three family ponies, with a mother, a father and foals.



So why a pony bride and a pony bridesmaid and not a pony groom?

I had to take a picture of the two pony brides together, just because I could, and now I will be snickering to myself all day… Pony Bride and Pony Bride, and don’t they look awesome together? The world makes sense again…


Anyway, I know I have been a lousy blogger lately, but I have been so hung up. Yesterday we started shooting a movie, for which I have not finished writing the manuscript- stress? No not me…


I got it all under control. Ish… Now I’ll go see if I could find a second to actually ride just one of my horses… or at least hug the foal…


About Starstone

-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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