Earth Ponies

I just happened to come across a Posey on Ebay a while ago, who nobody was bidding on, for some strange reason…



The same seller had a Cherries Jubilee who looked like she was in better condition than mine, and she had a Pony Bride, who my boyfriend seem to be totally in love with, so here we go.

With the arrival of Posey, I was able to wrap up my collection of Earth Ponies, year three, and even add a nicer version of Cherries Jubilee.


Now, I officially only need a Bow Tie to own all Earth Ponies, since she is the only one I am missing from the Earth Ponies, year two… Sigh… Loads of Bow Ties for sale… Must become rich… Anyway.

I had the Baby Cherries Jubilee since I was a kid, so suddenly owning the mother for them, is pretty awesome as well.


And the three pony brides that now live with me, do look quite cute together. There is just something about white ponies…


I am keeping my original Pony Bride though, I have looked over all three of them, and all three has minor flaws, but the one I got first, from my friend Noel, is the one I’ll keep. My boyfriend wants to use the other two for custom making ponies… Hoping he will get to sell them… little does he know what will happen, once he has made a special pony… I am pretty sure, if he does a good enough job to sell them, said pony might disappear into my collection… time will tell… for now, I am hoping the best for my extra Pony Brides and my extra Cherries Jubilee, and my spare Peachy as well… Let’s see what he can make of them…

While I go hunt down a Bow Tie on Ebay…

Collecting is horrible… there is always one more you need. Just one more, to complete the set… and then, there is a few others, in the next set, you don’t have… and then, you come across a cute pony you never heard off and start up collecting from a whole new set… Like the Twice as Fancy Ponies, where I got a Fifi from Noel,


and had to start looking them up… Landing me a Sugarberry



and a Love Melody,



and an Up, Up and Away,



leaving me desperately needing a Milky Way, a Sweet Tooth and a Dancing Butterflies…

I am horrible, I know… Bow Tie, one pony at the time…


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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