Pillow Pets

Saleem was eating yesterday. The hay still bothered him a bit, but he ate without spitting out balls of hay, and he didn’t seem to be in too much pain.

The vet called me up, to ask how he was doing and inform me that the biopsy we took from Tardis wasn’t usable, so we would have to cut a bigger hole in her face and take a new one. I chose to wait with that, for another month, just to let the flies go away first. I don’t like opening something that is potentially cancer of some form, at a month where we are drowning in flies and summer sores. So we have to wait.

The vet was surprised however, to hear that Saleem was eating. Clearly, he had not expected that, and he still sounded like I was coming in with the horse on Monday… but we will see… Lots of horses live with broken teeth. I have had two before, actually. But some unlucky few, needs it removed… fingers crossed… big time…

And so, in the spirit of feeling a little like it hardly matters what I do or how well I look after my horses, things will go wrong, I’ll share a picture of Life and Shy, getting to know each other. Life stopped being afraid of Shy a long time ago, and Shy is very interested in Life these days, sneaking up on her while she sleeps, to take a closer look at her.


And, lastly, I came across something brilliant. Turtles, pillow pets! I bought a Raphael for my boyfriend, knowing full well that he would have chosen Leonardo if he had been asked, but Raphael was the next best thing. I just never liked Leonardo much…. Anyway, since he got Raphael, he has been singing about a Leonardo and in the end, I caved and let him have one. (I have the scooter, where he has a bike, so I get to the shop more easy than him…)

He instantly figured that the two of them were perfect  to lean against while we are watching TV in bed and so he placed them on top of each other. I have been giggling to myself about that for a while now, and I just have to share them, because they are kind of an old dream come true for me…


I knew these teenage turtles weren’t straight… so that’s why Leonardo and Raphael always argue… Awesome…

And on that note, I’ll hang on to this little thing which makes me laugh at the moment, and go feed my horses, hoping that Saleem will be eating again today.


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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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