My Little… Gangsta Cat

My friends and I played with ponies last night… It’s always awesome to play with ponies… I ended up trading four of my baby ponies, for a handful her’s… I could have sworn I would never do that, but I had double of those ones and well…. with Saleem being sick, chances are, I’m not buying any more ponies any time soon… and she had a Surprise….


And  Glory…


Two of my childhood heroes, who I have been looking up on ebay and with great frustration discovering, are only for sale in US, which of course costs an insane amount of money in postage, not to mention if they get caught in custom… So, jumping for joy here, I finally got a Surprise and a Glory! My baby ponies have a mother at long last!



Now I just need a Moondancer and a Medley, to have my old childhood heroes….

She also had a Bow Tie, and Bow Tie completes my collection of Earth Ponies, year two.


I know, Cherries Jubilee snuck into the picture last night, I must have been tired. She is an earth pony, but she is year three… anyway…


My collection of rainbow ponies are coming along nicely as well, with Parasol and Windy, and the Moonstone and Starshine I had already, I just need a Skydancer and a Sunlight now, to have year two…wup wup.




It’s almost too easy. Looking up the series on wiki, and there you have it. So you have four rainbow ponies? Congratulations. You need two more to complete your collection… Oh you have a Confetti you say? Well, she does not belong, she is year three and best of luck with finding the rest of her series…


So what I am really saying is that collecting ponies is great. I mean, look at these two, Merry Treat and Baby Stockings. How can two such pretty ponies not make you happy?


My cat Life, agrees. She was hording the extras I traded, to make custom ponies out of…


Turns out, Life wants a pony… I’ll have to find her one… Because she isn’t keeping those ones… No matter how gangsta she looks in a hat and on her cat- throne, lazy playing with her toy.




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-Owned by horses. Writer, Photographer, Director, Musician.
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