Action Shots

I believe it’s been a while since I have showed some action shots of my little ones. Marble is still in training and still trotting across bars, to tighten her ligaments. So far, I hardly dare say it, it seem to be working. Her locking stifles has not been acting up for a long time. All summer actually.


Most of the time, she works very well, and only once in a while, does she well, run off to get some action… 


Apocalipse is so bored with ground work these days that I am seriously considering starting to ride him soon… I have sat on him three times by now, and had my friends lead us around, but I don’t think he would be a problem without someone on the ground. In fact, I think he would love that.


He still likes to play.



And of course, we have my beautiful Ablaze, a year and a half old, and never one to not show off. He loves playing in every possible way. Here he is hunting the rope, across the bars…




And well, here he is just showing how drop dead gorgeous he is…






Marble is always ready to help him look awesome…. 

Saleem and Apocalipse got an eye infection from the wind two days ago- bloody Arabian eyes- but we got it under control instantly. Not like we haven’t tried that before… And so far, I hardly dare say it, Saleem is eating. Fingers and toes crossed that his broken tooth won’t need removing…

I tried riding him in a cordeo two days ago, and he was awesome. I am totally going to work on that. Mostly, I would love to ride him without any aids at all, but I am too much of a coward to go straight from the bridle to nothing, so the cordeo will be my middle way.

I am still surprised by how daunting it is, to climb on top of my little, gentle gelding, without reins. I used to do that with Poseidon and never think twice about it. You know, my crazy horse…


I want that kind of relationship with my youngsters too. I will get there. I just have to keep the goal in mind.


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One Response to Action Shots

  1. jen says:

    I’m glad Saleem is eating! 🙂

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