I tried Saleem in the bridle yesterday, going for a ride across the stubble fields. First off, I wouldn’t dare not to wear the bridle on a stubble field just yet, and second, it dawned on me, that when I do call my vet again and have them check his teeth again, they are going to ask me if he is any different. If I have changed from bridle to cordeo in the mean time, I won’t be able to answer that, and thus, not knowing if he is different from I may be failing to give him the best help possible.

For those of you who don’t know, Saleem broke a tooth two weeks ago.

So we wore the bridle. And he was well, Saleem. Easy going, as we walked out, enjoying the time away from the kindergarten at home, taking in the surroundings with high spirits and a trusting mind. I hardly had cause to touch the reins.

We did encounter a place where the stubble field was no longer a stubble field, and so we had to turn around and go back the same way. Yes, he did flick his head when I turned him, yes I did use the rein a bit, because he was looking at some hunters and their dog in the distance… So, maybe he flicked his head because I broke his focus, by asking him to turn away from what he was looking at, or maybe, he did it because I touched the rein?

I am awesome at driving myself crazy…

Going home we both tried the trot and the canter. He was rather quiet, the canter was perfectly balanced and relaxed, much to my surprise and once again, I had no need to touch the rein at all…

So, I think I am going to have to try the bridle at home, just once, to see if he gives me any negative response on the bit. Just so I know what to tell the vet… And just so I know, instead of this constantly wondering… Because he was very well behaved on the stubble field yesterday,  he did chew on the bit a lot, but he has always had a tendency to do that when he is thinking… was it worse than usual?

I haven’t been writing much lately, feeling kind of strung out, constantly looking at this horse, keeping all of my fingers crossed that he won’t have to go through a horrible operation to have the remainder of the tooth removed, so instead I decided to go over the last book in the Stastone Series, as my editor is just about finishing up with book four now.

Reading The Shadow of Time, I still adore that book, but I keep getting stuck thinking to myself, you evil bastard…. Wrapping up  the Starstone Series was hard when I wrote it, reading my final book again, wondering for the last time if I should tamper with the details, is not much easier.

I know of course, what I should be doing, if I don’t have the energy to write on my new books. I should be editing the Danish version of Surviving the Equestrian World and have it published, like I said I would a month ago now…

So why aren’t I? Well, a month ago, my computer crashed and burned. My wonderful friend bought me a new one, and by all means it should be perfect, loads of space and such, but for some reason it handles pictures so slowly I almost jump out the window every time I have to open one… I mean, my phone loads faster… I still haven’t figured out why it is so mind numbingly slow, but until I do, I am not too keen on putting together the Danish version of Surviving the Equestrian World. I know it will be a test of patience on my part, adding pictures, and I know I will fail… So yes, it is stuck in editing, yet again. I’ll fix it. Just not right now.

Now, I am reading through my Sci-fi series, the Legacy as well, trying to make sure I don’t mess up that story, now that I have just read the Starstone. I always have to complicate my storylines. Sometimes I can’t just keep writing, I have to go back and read everything I have written in a short period of time, to be able to remember what happens when, how and why… I honestly love that. Going over my worlds, keeping them fair, believable, and not messing up the characters or the story…. Okay, so I love controlling the world, my world, overseeing all the great events…

And what I am really doing, is waiting for the Unicorns Horn to return to me, so I can have it published. Book four in the Starstone Series. Drawing near the end. I can’t wait for them to be published all five…


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