War Games….

I love taking pictures, I guess everybody knows that by now. The ever faithful Canon Eos we bought four years ago, is close to counting the hundred thousand pictures it is supposed to be able to take before dying… Mostly I have been taking pictures of horses though, and as much fun as it is, to try and get that one great frame, I am always up for a challenge and since my boyfriend was at a tournament today, with his little figure war game stuff, I thought I’d drop by and try and get some great action shots…


I know, action shots of a board game… Actually, I kind of got caught up in the game, and forgot to take as many pictures as I would have usually done, because I witnessed the impossible. My boyfriend made a mistake.


I have never played with figures, the whole gluing them together and painting them would drive me insane, but I have played a lot of computer games against him and he is an evil genius when it comes to planning how he is going to take down your army…


So, watching him make a mistake was new. I honestly thought he would lose the final game of the tournament because of that one error. He and his opponent, thought so too.


I have to give the guy he played against, he was really cool. He was in it for the game, not so much to win it. He knew the rules and played his army perfectly.


He did make one fatal error in the end though, underestimating how far Aston could move his army leader, thinking that where he placed his own army leader didn’t matter too much because really, he had totally won the game.


Well, never think you’ve won when you are playing against Aston…


Anyway, what I really like about this game is how these guys are totally into it. How they spend all their free time painting figures, or beating each other with their minds, and their dices… Really, it is the perfect hobby for any boyfriend. You always know what he is doing when you are not around, and the chance of him ever meeting another girl is like zero…

No offence. But it is pretty funny to hear the others whenever you show up to watch a game like that, how they instantly start talking about girls, and how much they love their right hand…

Once again, I find it a fascinating study in human behaviour. Yes, so Aston has a girlfriend, and he keeps winning the games, even when he really shouldn’t. Some of them are totally cool with it, and some, not so much.

I have no doubt that a lot of their comments were for my benefit, to make the girl look at them. You know how teenage boys start doing stupid things, to impress girls… I love it that Aston never seem to notice, and well, I am pretty hard to impress or offend, having grown up in the equestrian world…

The guy Aston played against at the final did deserve a win. He was really good. I kind of feel for him, knowing full well what it is like to watch a perfectly played game unravel and your hero die, just because you made a tiny mistake and Aston jumped on it before you realized that it would even matter…


Still, knowing that Aston has hardly slept for days, since I have been making him play with my friends for two nights in a row, where he should have been painting his figures, he earned it that he won again. I don’t know how this guy keeps his focus like that… Imagine if he was that focused in all aspects of our lives… So many things I wouldn’t have to worry about then…

Anyway, I think it’s cool that  this local shop is holding tournaments and even if I don’t usually watch the boys play, I think it’s great entertainment to watch them once in a while. If it wasn’t for all the painting and all the math, I would totally play with them… So yeah, I am a strange kind of girl, but after all, I am a writer. I like to disappear into my own little world, and that is really, what they are doing, when they play.


How can that not be awesome?


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4 Responses to War Games….

  1. jen says:

    Yup, my first thought was, “Action shots???” 🙂 But it reminds me of boyfriends I had back in the day…Thursday night was game night…complete with notes, dice, calculators, figurines, and game board. Us girls never had the patience to play or watch!

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